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Syringa - Lilac - Care Tips - Orgin

Enjoy the seductive scent and blooming spectacle of the lilac from December through May. you can choose white, pink, violet, dark blue or blue-purple. These variants are also used to make perfume. A soft and very tasteful fragrance full of relaxation and romance!

In the Netherlands, the lilac has traditionally been grown in Aalsmeer, it thrives on the fertile peat soil. Late in the autumn the lilacs were removed from the fields and taken to the greenhouse by boat. Because the temperature in the greenhouse was higher than outside, the flower buds sprout. The flowers have been harvested and the plants are put back into the soil of the fields with their roots. This happens every other year. The other year the plant is only pruned. A travel-loving flower, then!


Enthusiastically, the waxy flowers form a raceme. From pure white to deep purple, the lilac brings spring into your home in the deepest hues. Some variants even have two colors. The plant has upward pointing leaves and can grow up to 7 meters high. The sweet scent makes you long for the first rays of the sun. Spring, come on in!


It seems that every flower of the lilac has its own story, because it tells a lot. She symbolizes domestic happiness, nostalgia, young first love, innocence and memory. The white flowers represent restraint. In the 1800s, if you got a lilac from your lover, he didn't want you to be so restrained.


The lilac moved from Constantinople to Vienna in 1560. At the end of the 16th century, the lilac became hip in France and Berlin. Later she conquered the peasant gardens of Central Europe. From the 19th century, the scent bomb became a must-have in every garden and home.


Enjoy your lilacs even longer with these tips:

  • Give lilacs a clean, preferably glass, vase with clean water.
  • Add cut flower food (for shrubs) to the water for a longer shelf life.
  • Cut off the stems at an angle of 3-5 cm with a sharp and clean knife.
  • Regularly top up the vase with tap water.
  • Finally, don't put your lilacs in a draft, in full sun, near the stove or next to the fruit bowl.