We are affiliated with the webshop Keurmerk

We have been proudly affiliated with the Webshop Quality Mark (webshop keurmerk) since 2009, an independent quality mark supported by the Dutch Consumers' Association.

It is an independent organization that offers a certification or quality mark for online webshops (e-commerce websites) in the Netherlands. Webshop Keurmerk aims to establish and maintain trust between online businesses and consumers by ensuring that these webshops meet specific quality and service standards.

To receive the Webshop Keurmerk certification, an online store must comply with various requirements, such as transparent pricing, clear return policies, secure payment options, and a commitment to customer privacy and data protection. Additionally, the organization often provides a dispute resolution service for customers in case they encounter issues with a certified webshop.

In summary, Webshop Keurmerk is an organization that certifies and verifies the reliability and quality of online businesses in the Netherlands, making it easier for consumers to identify trustworthy and reputable e-commerce platforms.

We attach great importance to our customers' feedback, as it enables us to enhance our products and services. Through our review policy, we strive for transparency in our approach to handling reviews. The reviews featured on our site are collected and authenticated by Webshop Keurmerk. All gathered reviews originate from individuals who have made a purchase from us. In cases where this isn't the situation, such as when products or services were provided for free or through a paid partnership, this is clearly indicated in the review. We take every precaution to prevent fake reviews by verifying the reviewer's association with us and, if necessary, requesting a proof of purchase from unfamiliar reviewers. Counterfeit reviews are promptly removed by us.

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