Plants for delivery in the Netherlands

Ordering plants for delivery in the Netherlands. In our online flowershop we have a suitable selections of plants for you. For every occasion, Mmoving in to a new house, of to a new office?

Anthurium plant in pot

The Anthurium plant brings color into someones home. Color of the Anthurium may vary due to availability 

 Delivered in a matching flowerpot 

Picture is a indication

Items and prices are subject to change

Phalaenopsis orchid


 Phalaenopsis orchid  in a matching pot

Green plant in matching flowerpot


 A green plant is always a very nice gift. The green plant will b delivered by our Florist with a matching Flowerpot. Plant and flowerpot may vary from example



 Spathiphyllum plant in a optional matching pot. Plant and flowerpot may vary from example

Aloë Vera in matching flowerpot


 Modern Aloë Vera plant in a matching pot. Plant and flowerpot may vary from example

Pilea peperomioides in a matching pot


 A welcome gift in home or in the office. Plant and flowerpot may vary from example

Orchids in a large dish


 Flowering plant* Picture is a indication

Kentia palm


 a large kentia palm

Flowering plant (Florists Choice)


Our Florist will select a beautiful flowering plant for you

Our selection ranges from beautiful plants Orchids, the modern sansevierias, strong spathiphyllum, we supply the plant with pot (pot types vary). For plant arrangements our florists use an appropriate pot.or dish.