Valentines day flowers

Are you looking for a beautiful Valentine's Day bouquet of flowers?

Valentine's Day is a day to show how much you love someone and a perfect time to send flowers as a gift. Whether you live further away or are just looking for a unique and personal gift, sending flowers is always a welcome surprise.

So what are you waiting for? Order your flowers for Valentine's Day now and surprise your loved one with a beautiful and unforgettable gift.



Valentine's Day.

You can celebrate love every day, but on Valentine's Day you can also surprise those other types of love with a flower. Such as holiday love, silent love, playful love, friendly love, universal love and family love. And who knows, you might also be surprised on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's bouquet delivery

Valentine's Day is of course the perfect day to surprise your (silent) loved one with a beautiful Valentine's bouquet. Our Valentine gifts are suitable for him and her. The flowers will be delivered on Valentine's Day and your love can enjoy a romantic Valentine's gift.

It is also nice to know that every Valentine's bouquet is always composed with love and care by the local florist. And we are very proud of that!

Do you want to surprise your love extra? Then choose a beautiful Valentine's card with a personal text. gift tip! Make it an extra special gift by adding a soft teddy bear, a nice box of chocolates and a beautiful vase. The Valentine's Day surprise is complete!

Valentine's Day: Send roses

Do you want to order red roses for your Valentine? As you may know, red roses are a sign of love, but also represent passion, passion, desire and appreciation. The rose is the most sold flower on Valentine's Day and we have therefore also put together other colors such as white roses, pink roses and mixed rose bouquets. You will also find it in our carefully composed bouquets. With this you will certainly surprise your Valentine in a loving way!

Do you want to surprise your loved one unforgettable? Then you can order a large bunch with 100 roses. A bouquet with 100 red roses is a loving and popular surprise on Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day flowers delivery

We deliver the flowers for Valentine's Day throughout the Netherlands. We can of course also deliver our bouquets to the company where your love is working at that moment. Otherwise, the bouquet may be delivered after working hours.

Anonymous Valentine's flower delivery.

Do you want to surprise your Valentine anonymously? Do not leave any personal information on the card. We will never share data with the recipient or others without permission.

The Best Valentine's Day Flowers

Find the very best Valentine's Day flowers for delivery.There are so many flower options, as well as color options that we created our most popular Valentine's Day Flowers to send. For the perfect Valentine's flowers for a girlfriend choose a modern arrangement with pinks and purple floral stems. The modern bouquets have mixed flowers and some feature unique additions inside the bouquet. For a lovely gift for your fiancé or wife for Valentine's choose classic flowers including some red roses.

Send her the best flowers for Valentine's Day! For a classic Valentine's flower gift send an arrangement of red roses. For a unique Valentines day flower delivery send her a mixed bouquet of lilies, tulips, orchids and carnations. Feel free to mix floral colors with the classic red stems, from purple to pink, with hints of yellow. If you know your loves favorite flower or color, it feels like a nice touch to include her favorites in the bouquet you choose. Each of the Valentine flowers can be delivered with a personalized  card, a wonderful way to express your deepest love. Be creative and include a line from a poem or her favorite song on this card. On 14 February we offer delivery to a home, business or residence so that she can show off her beautiful flowers for her to all her co-workers and friends!  Make this year great by adding a teddy bear, box of chocolates or wine to your arrangement to make her year. Find the best deal for sending flowers including cheap Valentine's gifts at by checking our gift-shop.

Valentine Bouquet

Valentine flower bouquets are always filled with romantic stems that send the message of love and affection. Often Valentine bouquets feature the ever popular long stem red roses and then paired with a variety of flowers from lilies to orchids. Whether you are looking to buy Valentine flowers on-line or simply a luxury arrangement, there is bouquet at every price point. Our Valentine florist partners take your bouquet order for same day delivery and they use their creative skills to create a bouquet that your wife or girlfriend will adore.

Common Valentine's Day Flower Questions

  • What are the best flowers for Valentine's Day?

The best Valentine's Day flowers are roses, lilies and tulips. Send her a valentine's flower that is meaningful to her, whether that means a flower that is her favorite color or a flower that holds a shared memory.

  • Can I get flowers delivered on Valentine's Day?

Yes! Valentine's flowers can be delivered on February 14th   to celebrate. Simply place your order and let us know where you would like the flowers delivered whether it is an office or home.

  • Which flower is given on Valentine's Day?

While many flowers are popular to send on Valentine's Day the most common flowers are red roses, pink lilies and red tulips. With pink and red symbolizing love, you can never go wrong with sending any bouquet of flowers in these colors.

  • How to Send Flowers for Valentine's Day Flower Delivery?

There are some easy steps to follow to order Valentine flower delivery to make sure the perfect gift arrives to your sweetheart. Select a colorful Valentines flowers bouquet that you know your significant other will love. This might mean choosing a bouquet with her favorite flower, or her favorite color. Next decide if you would like to add on a special gift from chocolates , Rituals gift packages to Champagne. This custom vase can have a photo uploaded to it and a personalized message around the photo. Next choose a delivery date and a location. Same day Valentine's Day delivery is hand delivered from a florist near the recipients address. The best flowers for Valentine's Day are the ones you send with a meaningful note.

  • History of Valentine

The holiday of love, as we know it has a history that is a little gray. Named after St. Valentine many believe the holiday started as a remembrance of his death in mid-February. One thing is for sure, that cards sent to loved ones on the 14th as we know it now started back in the Middle Ages. The oldest card on record was sent from the Duke of Orleans back in 1415, which was a poem to his wife. Almost 600 years later, we keep the tradition alive by sending our significant others gifts with tender messages of love. This year celebrates the history of love that is Valentine's by sending wonderful gifts that will praise her for all her love and affection. From all of us at Flowers.NL thanks for choosing us and Happy Valentine's Day!