Questions about the Ordering and Delivery of flowers.

Ordering and delivery

The most ask questions for sending Flowers in the Netherlands.

Do you want to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Then it is good to know what the options are for flower delivery. In this article we answer the most frequently asked questions about flower delivery, such as whether you can have flowers delivered today and whether anonymous flower delivery is possible.

Flower Delivery - FAQ.

Flowers in the Netherlands, ordered before 1:00 PM, will be delivered the same day! (except on Sundays), and delivery to the Wadden Islands is an exception. For flowers to be delivered abroad, next-day delivery, provided the order is placed before 4:30 PM (not on Sundays).

For €8.95, the bouquet is personally delivered throughout the Netherlands by the local florist.

Yes, of course. The recipient will only see the text you put on the card, not your name and address details. Your personal information is never shared with third parties, not even with the recipient of your order.

Flowers depend on the season, so we don't always have the full range of flowers available, not even in our online store. We can't always guarantee that all flowers are available from our partner Fleurop florists, especially for last-minute orders. Therefore, the compositions of our products may vary slightly from the photographed items. However, each product is assembled on-site at the last moment and individually by our experienced florist. Our florists strive to maintain the color and shape of the illustrated products as closely as possible.

Orders are usually delivered between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Occasionally, deliveries may occur in the evening due to high demand. For businesses, deliveries are scheduled between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

If the recipient is unavailable at their residence, the driver will attempt to deliver the order to one of nearby neighbors. If this option is not feasible, the driver will return the order to the flower shop. The recipient will find a "Not Home" note in their mailbox, which will contain instructions. Please note that due to logistical reasons, the driver cannot contact the recipient by phone during delivery to prevent any delays in the delivery rout

You can choose the day for the bouquet to be delivered. Our florists deliver six days a week, from Monday to Saturday (excluding holidays). On special days such as Valentine's Day* and Mother's Day, it's also possible to deliver on Sundays. (*if Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday)

In some places, you can still order for same-day delivery even after 1:00 PM. Learn more about same-day flower delivery or contact us by phone for more information.

Yes, once you place the order on our website, you'll immediately receive an order confirmation at the email address you provided. After the payment is completed, you'll also receive a confirmation at that email address. From that point, we'll process your order immediately. Once the order is delivered, you'll receive an email confirmation that your order has been delivered.

Yes, we deliver to the Wadden Islands. With the exception of Texel, delivery to the Wadden Islands is provided from the mainland. The flowers are transported to the island by the Island Courier Service on a transport boat and then delivered locally by the courier service. Therefore, same-day delivery is not possible in this case. We always ask you to allow an extra day for processing and delivery to the Wadden Islands.

  Ordering Flowers - FAQ.

You can order flowers on our website in a few simple steps.
Click here for a brief explanation

Unfortunately, it's not possible to change a bouquet of flowers or a 'Personal Greeting Card.' If you want to make changes to the greeting card, there will be charges for the card.
Making changes or canceling the order is only possible if the bouquet hasn't been dispatched to the recipient yet. When canceling an order, we are required to charge a cancellation fee. This fee is 10% of the order amount with a minimum of €10.00.
Always contact our customer service for changes or cancellations. We are available by phone from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and on Saturdays until 12:00 PM at tel. 085-2732330.

Yes, we keep you informed through status updates via email. Flowers.NL, in collaboration with Fleurop and our Florists, has created a connection so that you can track your order from the moment of dispatch until delivery.
Our florist reports the delivery as completed in a specially developed APP by Fleurop after delivering the order.

If you want to surprise someone with a unique custom bouquet, have our Fleurop professional florist create a bouquet based on your preferences. Choose the price, color, and style.

No, we or the drivers do not call the recipient before delivering the order. This would spoil the surprise. Unfortunately, it's also not possible for the drivers to call before delivery. This would significantly slow down the delivery process as they would have to call recipients at each stop.

Orders to businesses are delivered during office hours. If you want your order to be delivered by a specific time, you can specify this in the order under 'Is there anything else we should know?' Only provide an exact delivery time if it's essential. We will do our best to accommodate this but can't guarantee it. For 100% certainty of delivery by a specific time, please contact customer service by phone or email.
For Funeral Arrangements, you always have a guarantee that the flowers will be delivered before the time you specified. If, for any reason, it's not possible, we will contact you.

Yes, you only pay the delivery fee once per address, regardless of the number of items.

If you want to send bouquets to different addresses, you should place a separate order for each address. For large quantities of bouquets to different addresses, please contact our customer service. We can process these orders for you, so you don't have to enter all the addresses and cards yourself.

It's quite simple. The costs incurred for delivery have to be paid in some way. Most online stores include these costs as a type of markup in the selling price of the products. Some online flower shops claim to offer FREE delivery, but they reduce the size of the bouquet or floral arrangement by using fewer flowers.

We could increase the prices of our products slightly and pretend that we don't charge delivery fees - as is usually done by other online stores.

However, we find this unfair. This way, customers who order multiple items are penalized because they effectively end up paying double delivery fees.

Online stores that claim to have FREE delivery are making their profit without you realizing it through "no delivery charges."

We prefer to keep the costs transparent and fair!

"Sometimes you pay the most for things that are free."

Albert Einstein Source: Saturday Evening Post Interview with G.S Viereck, 10/26/1929

Right after you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email from us.
On the day of delivery, as soon as our florist has prepared the order for dispatch, we will send you a status update email, "Shipped."
When the order is delivered to the delivery address or to one of the neighbors, you will receive a new notification by email with the status "Delivered." Unfortunately, we can't currently provide information on which neighbor received the delivery. That information is provided on the "Not Home" card left with the recipient.

Below, we'd like to explain how our track and trace works. When adding an extra gift, such as Champagne, Whiskey, Ritual Packages, or Villa Chocola chocolate bonbons, to your order, we always try to deliver them together in a single shipment. However, it may happen that this isn't logistically possible, and different delivery times will be scheduled.

What happens if the recipient isn't home?

If the recipient isn't home, the driver will try to deliver the order to the neighbors. If that isn't possible, the driver will take the order back to the flower shop. The recipient will receive a "Not Home" note in the mailbox with instructions. To avoid delays in the delivery route, it's not possible for the driver to call the recipient during delivery.

We can quickly deliver flowers in the Netherlands. If you order before 1:00 PM, the delivery can be made on the same day! (except on Sundays, and delivery to the Wadden Islands is an exception).

For flowers delivered abroad, next-day delivery is available, provided the order is placed before 4:30 PM. For a more detailed explanation, visit Flowers Abroad.

Deliveries to businesses are made during office hours.
If you want the delivery to be made by a specific time, please contact us by phone first.
We will do our best to accommodate your request, but we can't provide guarantees.

Yes, but please provide as much information as possible, such as department, room number, (girl's) name, etc.
It's not possible to personally deliver orders to recipients in hospitals, hotels, businesses, refugee centers, or campsites. The order will be delivered to the reception for the recipient's attention. The reception will then contact the recipient or ensure the order is delivered to them.
A mobile phone number or a landline number for the recipient can be very helpful in getting the flowers to the right place.

For orders for a funeral or cremation, it's crucial that the flowers are delivered to the correct address and time.
Please provide as much information as possible, such as the name of the funeral home, the name of the deceased, the date and time of the farewell, etc.
You can enter this information during the ordering process in the fields provided or in the "remarks" section. Also, ensure that the message on the ribbon or card is addressed to the deceased and not the bereaved. Messages like 'deepest sympathy' are not suitable.
You can use phrases like 'Rest in Peace' or 'A final farewell,' or simply include the sender's (your) name.

Of course, we can call the recipient and ask for the delivery address on your behalf.
You'll understand that we can't share the recipient's address information with you. If you want to place such an order, please use our company's address as the delivery address: Postal code 6921SB, house number 9.
Don't forget to include the recipient's telephone number and specify in the order that we need to contact the recipient for the correct delivery address.

No, unfortunately, we do not call the recipient before making the delivery. This would spoil the surprise.

During periods of high order volume, our drivers often have to visit up to 30 addresses per hour for deliveries. Calling recipients before or during delivery causes significant delays that affect the delivery of other orders.

If it turns out that addresses are incorrect, the driver will take the order back to the flower shop and will attempt to contact the recipient there later.

Our experience also shows that calling during delivery often leads to comments like, "I'll be there in 10 minutes" or "Can you come back at a later time." You'll understand that waiting for someone to be home or changing the delivery route would cause too much delay for other orders where the recipient is at home.

In the case of 'not at home' or when there's no answer, the standard procedure is for the driver to first attempt to leave the order with one of the neighbors. If that's not possible either, the order will be returned to the flower shop, and a notice for the recipient will be left. This notice includes the phone number of our florist so the recipient can contact them directly.

We understand that you would like to see a picture of the bouquet that is going to be delivered. However, we regret to inform you that at this time, we are unable to accommodate this request due to the time constraints it would place on our florists and our team.
We strive to ensure that all of our bouquets are of the highest quality and carefully crafted to your specifications. However, taking photos of each individual bouquet would be too time-consuming and would cause delays in the delivery process. We hope that you can understand our reasoning behind this decision.
Rest assured, we are working on integrating this option into our order processing system for the future. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, as we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and better serve our customers.

With these tips you can be sure that your flowers will be delivered at the right time and you can enjoy the surprise to the fullest.

Whether you want to have flowers delivered today, want to take advantage of the option of anonymous flower delivery or simply want to know when is the best time to order: with the information in this article you are fully prepared to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet.

Are you still unsure or do you have another question for us?

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