How to send flowers to the Netherlands?

The most ask questions for sending Flowers to the Netherlands.

Is it possible to send anonymous?

Yes, The recipient only sees the text that you put on the card. Not your name and address details.

Your personal details will never be passed on to third parties, not even to the recipient of your order.

When do you deliver?

You can choose delivery before 12:00  and after 13:00

Delivery @ companies between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  In exceptional cases it can happen that the delivery takes place after 18:00 or the next working day.

During Flower Peak trading day's we cannot guarantee delivery times and therefore it may occur that your order is delivered later that day or the next day.

Can I track & trace the order?

Yes, Flowers.NL has made, together with Fleurop and our Florists,  a conection with our track and trace system so you can track your order at the time of shipment of your order until the moment of delivery.

After the order has been delivered, our florist florist will report the order as delivered to an  mobile APP. specially developed by Fleurop.

Check here for the orderstatus explained.

Can I get a picture of the bouquet?

We understand that you would like to see a picture of the bouquet that is going to be delivered. However, we regret to inform you that at this time, we are unable to accommodate this request due to the time constraints it would place on our florists and our team.

We strive to ensure that all of our bouquets are of the highest quality and carefully crafted to your specifications. However, taking photos of each individual bouquet would be too time-consuming and would cause delays in the delivery process. We hope that you can understand our reasoning behind this decision.

Rest assured, we are working on integrating this option into our order processing system for the future. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, as we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and better serve our customers.

How much is the delivery charge?

The local delivery charge through out the Netherlands is €7,95. Why is there a delivery Charge?

How to order flowers online?

In some simple steps you can order Flowers on-line for the delivery in the Netherlands.

Click here for a brief summery.

Are there hidden costs?

All payments methods are free of charge and all prices are included local sales tax.


Send more than one bouquet.

You only pay once delivery cost per delivery address and there are no limitations on the quantity of Bouquets. Contact ou sales department for more information.

Do I receive a confirmation of my order?

Yes, As soon the order has been placed on our website you will receive automatically an order confirmation. Sometimes it may occur that the confirmations is marked as Spam. Please check your Spam box.

Do you call before delivery?

Please understand that If we call prior to the delivery the surprise would be ruined. Unfortunately it's also  not possible for the delivery guys to call prior to delivery. They have many orders to deliver every day and would this would extremely delay the delivery process. 

Delivery on the Dutch Wadden Islands.

Delivery to the Wadden Islands is provided from the mainland, with the exception of the Island Texel. The flowers are transported to the island by transport boat and then delivered on site by a courier. This means that morning delivery is not possible and your order may not arrive until a day later.

Can I specify a delivery time?

Orders to companies are delivered during office hours. If you want to have your order delivered before a certain time, you can indicate this in the order under 'is there anything we need to know'. Only enter a delivery time if this is really necessary. We try to take this into account as much as possible, but we cannot give any guarantees. If you want 100% certainty that your order will be there for a certain time, please contact customer service by phone or email.

With Funeral Arrangements you always get the guarantee that the flowers will be delivered before the time specified by you. If for whatever reason it does not work, we will contact you.