Customer satisfaction is very important to us. This guarantees you that all orders are expertly handled, are of first-rate quality and that all bouquets and arrangements are personally delivered to you fresh.

However, should you be dissatisfied with one of our deliveries or product quality, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will replace within 24 hours all deliveries that do not meet the www.flowers.nl quality standards.

Needless to say, all information required to process your order will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.

Please contact us for all your questions and suggestions. We thank you for your kind confidence.

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Order & Delivery - Info

How to order flowers?

Ordering at the www.flowers.nl shopping center is child's play. Your flower order is only 6 steps away:

1.Choose your flower gift from the selection of bouquets and arrangements.
2.Choose the price category and the delivery date.
And don't forget your message for a enclosed card.
3.Enter your personal information. 
4.Enter the address of the order recipient.
5.After you have chose the payment options You will receive an order confirmation by clicking "purchase".
6.Please note the following:

Delivery information.
For your order to be processed on time and without delay, please note the following details concerning the address of the recipient:

For deliveries to hospitals, please indicate ward and room number whenever possible.
For deliveries to hotels, please indicate room number and name of the guest(s) (group, couple, etc.).

Credit Card Payment

Your credit card will be charged in euro's.

It is possible to cancel the order until 2 day's before delivery, however we will charge your credit-card for 8.00 euro handling charge.

on all our deliveries are next to our delivery and payment conditions Conditions of Certified Webshop apply.


Warranty .

Customer satisfaction is very important to us . This assures you that all orders are handled with the utmost care and craftsmanship, best quality, and all bouquets and arrangements that are delivered to you are always fresh !

All delivered bouquets and arrangements have a 7 day warranty vase .

Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with any of our deliveries or quality of the product, do not hesitate to contact contact us.

This warranty conditions affect the rights of consumers arising from the law or the agreement not to .

Before filing a complaint , you can contact our customer service department, which is open from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 17:00 . A&A Artistics BV
Scherpeweide 9 6921 SB Duiven The Netherland
tel. +31 85-2732330


on all our deliveries are next to our delivery and payment conditions Conditions of Certified Webshop apply.

All the information necessary to carry out your order 'm treated confidentially and will not be provided to third parties . Please contact us for all your questions or suggestions . We thank you for your confidence. A & A Internet BV Track & Flower delivery - Info

To ensure proper processing of your order , we care to draw your attention to the following: Important information about the Address of the recipient. For delivery in hospitals , if possible, please state the room number and the department .

Deliveries on Sun and Holidays

For delivery to hotels , please state the room number and the name of the guest (s ) ( group , etc.) for deliveries to campsites , please state the location number and the name of the guest (s ) ( group , etc . )


Credit Card Payments .

Your credit card will be charged in Euros . The exchange rate corresponds to the official daily exchange rate and may vary slightly , as stated in your credit card agreement . ( by minimum exchange rate changes)


Deliveries .

Thanks to a unique distribution network, it is possible to deliver down! Delivery within a few hours Deliveries for the same day only be guaranteed if you meet the following conditions : Your order must be in by 12:00 ( CET ) with us . ( for order in Netherlands ) Deliveries on Sundays and public holidays are not possible . For special orders or questions , please contact us . Sales

Order Confirmation For every order you place with us you will receive an email confirmation within 1 hour including all information that you provide for the execution of this contract to us.

If you have received a confirmation, please contact us please !




registered at the Chamber of Commerce . arnhem under number 09064491

Article 1

DEFINITIONS In these Terms and Conditions shall mean florist , Flowers.nl / A & A Artistics BV

Article 2


1 . These Conditions apply to all offers and / or all agreements by the florist to or with third parties . Disclosure may be made by the party handing asunder copy of the UNCCD - Conditions , by a reference to the Conditions in letter and invoice paper , by referring to the Terms of quotation , price list or order confirmation . Advance include

2 . Unless the first made ​​known Conditions are deemed to be accepted by the Parties. Involved otherwise in writing

3 . Varying provisions must be agreed and , insofar as it does not replace the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, instead supposed to fill . These Terms and Conditions in writing

Article 3


1 . All orally by or on behalf of the florist or price lists, website , daily or weekly newspapers , periodicals, notices , letters, telexes and telegrams offers made in respect of prices , quotations , delivery dates , etc. are not binding and the florist in no way binding, unless otherwise stated.

2 . Agreements (except for the sale for cash ) which may or may not have been entered into , through intermediaries are first written confirmation from the florist for him binding.

3 . At task is no obligation for the florist to deliver a portion at a corresponding portion of the total price.

4 . Changes to the original agreement , of whatever nature , in writing or orally by or on behalf of the other party provided which cause higher costs than could be counted at the task , the other party may apply. Extra charge by the florist


Article 4


1 . When supremacy can not be delivered in accordance with the agreement , the florist should the purchaser as soon as possible by fax / telex / telegram or telephone , with written confirmation messages such without payment of any compensation being due.

2 . Florist may in cases of  ascendancy, after consultation with the purchaser cancel the contract or suspend delivery until the time at which the ascendancy ceases to exist .

3 . If, in the event of suspension , the delivery is delayed for more than five days , the buyer is entitled to notify in writing to consider the purchase agreement. Dissolved

. 4 are considered as listed hereafter and similar circumstances as ascendancy

a late or unacceptable quality delivery of one or more subcontractors ;

b . restrictive government measures ;

c . whole or partial strike or fault in the internal and external transport device.

d. riots and other disturbances that prevent the timely implementation of the agreement .

e . whole or partial blockage in the production system or strikes or lockouts in- company or in which the goods are raw materials or products involved .

Article 5


1 . The supply is always considered on the business of the florist , unless otherwise specified . Transport to the address of the purchaser 's expense and risk of the florist and the florist so not a carrier , the carrier.

2 . Except as this between the florist and the customer agreements have been made , the route and means of transport chosen to the best . The florist will be responsible for the choice made , unless the consumer would show that the florist intent or gross negligence falls .

3 . Any insurance costs are borne by the buyer.

4 . Agreed delivery times will be taken into account by the florist as much as possible, but exceeded it makes florist with responsible and does not have the right to cancel the agreement.

5 . Florist reserves the right not to perform orders if the buyer has not paid . Previous deliveries within the agreed payment from The florist is not liable for any loss incurred by Buyer as a result of non-delivery . The application of this law , the purchaser must be notified in good time.

Article 6


The florist has the right to bring up the sale price . Costs of packaging will be

Article 7


1 . Sales are for cash , credit card , debit card , advance or on delivery or performance, unless payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice date without any deductions and without set off . Agreed upon receipt of the bill , in which case

2 . If this period is exceeded, the purchaser shall be deemed to be legally in default and the florist the right to charge from the moment that the buyer is in default, without prejudice to any other rights accruing to the florist , the statutory interest rights .

3 . All payments must without deduction or set-off , the latter except in the case of bankruptcy or moratorium by the payment to the purchaser , made ​​at the office of the florist or to a bank or postal account by him in a by deposit or transfer .

4 . Not , or the event of late payment , shall be borne by the purchaser all costs, both judicial and court costs, incurred by the florist in relation to collection of his claim , which also includes additional administrative costs. The extra judicial costs are at least 15 % of the invoice amount with a minimum of Euro 50 , = , all excluding VAT .

5 On. Persons employed by the florist , who do not have an explicit mandate can not be paid . Liberating

Article 8


1 . All goods delivered remain the property of the florist until they are fully paid .

2 . Failure to timely payment of one or more invoices due and if the concrete circumstances of the case and a reasonable balance of the interests of the parties leave no other choice , the florist the right products delivered and the delivered package and other durable material to immediately take it to them and run. away from the place of storage

Article 9


1 . The products to be delivered must meet the quality standards for the relevant horticultural products .

2 . Complaints concerning visible defects in products delivered must be reported . Immediately after discovery but in any event within 24 hours of receipt , or by phone at florist e-mail/fax/telex/telegram

3 . Complaints that relate to a specific delivery , exert no influence on preceding or subsequent deliveries and give no right to refuse payment . Subsequent delivery on or prior or

4 . Defects in a part of the not give the customer the right to reject the entire batch delivered .

Article 10


1 . All agreements to which these Conditions in whole or in part relate , the Dutch law.

2 . All disputes ( which are also classified by only one of the parties as such ) related to or arising from the agreements concluded between florist and a foreign-based copper which these Conditions apply, may be decided by the Dutch judge , empowered the area where the florist is located.

3 . Notwithstanding the provisions of subparagraph 2 florist and copper at home or abroad established , may agree to submit to an arbitration committee , whose decision will be accepted as binding. Both parties to a dispute

Article 11


1 . In cases where these conditions do not provide , also Dutch law.

2 . If and to the extent that any part or provision of these Conditions conflict would prove to be any mandatory provisions of national or international law , it will be deemed not agreed and these Conditions otherwise bind the parties