Extra Gift items:

Due to delays at our logistics package partners, the delivery of extra gift items may be delayed. These extra gift items such as Champagne, Chocolate Truffles, Fruit baskets, Whiskey, Beer and Rituals packages may be sent directly to the recipient.

The General Terms and Conditions of the Webshop quality mark apply to all our deliveries, and our additional terms and conditions also apply.

All information required to execute your order will be treated confidentially and handled as mentioned in our Privacy statement. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions or suggestions. We thank you for your trust.



Additional Terms and Conditions A & A Artistics BV | Flowers.nl based on the General Terms and Conditions of the Stichting webshop Keurmerk

These additional conditions come into effect on 1 November 2013.


Since the products of A & A Artistics are perishable, the right of withdrawal is excluded, in accordance with article 8.2.d. of the above mentioned General Terms and Conditions.



An order is definitively placed after going through the ordering process, agreeing to the terms and conditions, choosing a payment method and the message on the screen that the order is placed, followed by a confirmation e-mail to the completed e-mail address . The order number is mentioned in this e-mail.



The consumer is at all times responsible for the correctness of the details of the delivery address as well as the used e-mail address. The consumer is aware that in the Netherlands it's not mandatory to sign for a delivery of flowers or gifts and agrees with delivery without signing for delivery. All orders are being processed by Postcode and house number and the customer is responsible for using a the correct zip code. It's not common in the Netherlands that recipients signs for the receipt of flowers.

If recipient is not at home  or is not responding to the doorbell the customer agrees with the delivery to one of the neighbors for pickup by recipient. Or if the order could not be delivered to the neighbors, the recipient will pick up the order from the florist or the pickup location of the parcel service.

Calling before delivery is some times possible however you cannot claim any rights form this free service. Drivers have a huge number of parcels to pick-up and deliver on a daily basis. This is already a well-known fact. Each driver has a pre-set route schedule that he has to follow. Courier drivers try hard to do their job the best they can in order to satisfy as many customers as possible. If the order could not be delivered to the neighbors, the recipient will collect the order from the florist.

Cancellation or refund of the order is not possible once delivery efforts have been made.


After the conclusion of the agreement, you can only submit changes that do not affect the total amount payable or already paid and on the condition that your order has not yet been processed. If a change cannot be processed, you will be notified as soon as possible during office hours. Changes can be made by e-mail or telephone, see contact details on this website.

No rights can be derived from the remarks placed by the consumer in the order form.



After the conclusion of the agreement cancellation is only possible with orders with a delivery address within the Netherlands and at least 24 hours before the delivery date. A cancellation can only be communicated by email during office hours, see contact details. Cancellation costs are 10% of the order amount with a minimum of € 7.95.



A & A Artistics BV is not obliged to fulfill any obligation if it is prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that is not due to fault.

Force majeure means: all external causes, foreseen or not foreseen, on which no influence can be exercised, but as a result of which the user is unable to meet the obligations. This also includes strikes.

During the period that the force majeure lasts, A & A Artistics BV can suspend the obligations.



Delivery takes place on all days of the week, with the exception of Sundays and public holidays.

We  always try to deliver your order, when possible, in one complete shipment to the delivery address.

Due to unforeseen circumstances or due to ordering past the cut-off time by client it can occur that your order will be delivered in separate shipments.

Delivery dates and delivery moments are always under-reserve.

For deliveries during the holidays, different delivery and delivery times apply, click here for more information

Thanks to a unique distribution network it is possible to deliver your delivery within a few hours! Deliveries for the same day are only guaranteed if you meet the following conditions: Your order must be received by us before 13:00 (C.E.T). (for order within the Netherlands) Delivery on Sundays and public holidays is not possible. For special orders or questions, please contact us. Sales@flowers.nl

The customer cannot claim any rights from the track & trace system offered free of charge to the customer.

All delivery dates and times are always under reserve.


The complaints procedure is stated on www.flowers.nl. In the event of quality complaints, we ask the consumer to show the bouquet to the florist who delivered the bouquet and / or send a photo with complaint description to sales@flowers.nl o.v.v. Quality complaint.

All complaints must be submitted in writing to wecare@flowers.nl within 14 days of the agreed delivery date.



A & A Artistics BV offers the consumer a vase warranty of 7 (seven) days on delivery.

Any warranty claim will lapse if the goods supplied have been used for other purposes or have been treated in a different way than is normally customary. In the event of quality complaints, we ask the consumer to show the bouquet to the florist who delivered the bouquet and / or send a photo with complaint description to sales@flowers.nl o.v.v. 'Quality complaint'.



Orders can be paid electronically via iDeal, Paypal and credit card.



The privacy policy is stated on www.flowers.nl



All texts, photographs, illustrations, graphic material, (trade) names, logos, goods and service marks depicted by A & A Artistics BV are owned or licensed by A & A Artistics BV and are protected by copyright, trademark law and / or any other intellectual property right.

It is not permitted to multiply, forward, distribute or make available (for a fee) to third parties without the express and written permission of A & A Artistics BV.

All prices, specifications and dimensions stated on the website or in the order confirmation are subject to typing errors.

    Time frame for delivery in the Netherlands

 Preferred delivery time 

 Order Cutoff time 

 Before 12:00  hrs.*

 Working day before at 17:00 hrs.

 After 12:00  hrs.

Same day at 13:00 hrs.


   * ) Only possible in townships where a member florist is located. Delivery times and dates can be subject to change and cannot be guaranteed

Please note  that in times of high order traffic it may occur that orders are being delivered in the evening hours. Deliveries to Companies or institutions addresses we always try to deliver before 17:00 hrs. Our florists depend on auction prices, due to market forces the purchase price of flowers increases.Unfortunately, due to this some bouquets may show less volume around special sales days such as Valentine's Day and public holidays. And that the price of roses around these days is  higher than usual.