Flower Alphabet

An alphabetical overview of the most commonly used flowers in bouquets.

The flower alphabet has been compiled by us and provides more background information about flowers and various flower types. In addition, examples of bouquets with these flower varieties.


The Asiatic lily, the lilium, is the most common lily in the Netherlands. Although the name suggests otherwise, this lily grows not only in Asia, but also in Europe and America.


There is no flower that appeals to the imagination as much as the lotus flower. Lotus is the namesake of a challenging yoga pose and a commonly used pet name for lovers… But not only that; it is also an aquatic plant that adorns the water in many different colors.


The daisy is one of the first signs of spring. We are now talking about the white flowers with a yellow heart, from which you may have used to weave flower wreaths, and plucked the petals in your adolescence, while softly whispering: “he loves me, he loves me not”.


The daisy with its white petals around the yellow heart is known to everyone.


The monkshood, also called aconitum, can be recognized by the long stems with loose clusters of flowers usually in white, blue, lilac or pink. Be careful, this plant is very poisonous!


The announcement of spring, that's what we could call the daffodil. This spring bloomer turns a beautiful yellow in early spring.


Our exotic pincushion, this flower is often called nutan by florists, but the official Latin name is the Leucospermum. It's no problem if you can't pronounce this name! We also have trouble with it.

orange blossom

The orange blossom plant is not a nickname for the orange, but it is closely related to it. And that is noticeable. It is an evergreen ornamental shrub with broad, shiny leathery leaves, and it is native to Mexico.


The orchid is a beautiful exotic, mysterious and fascinating plant. It is easily recognized by its flower shape, which is made up of three sepals and three petals.


The passion flower is a beautiful and intriguing climbing plant. He can be recognized immediately by the corona. These are the blue-purple thin, thread-like filaments that arise from the petals


With this beautiful bloomer you can create a cozy atmosphere in the garden in a short time. And not unimportantly, maintaining this plant does not take much effort. Characteristic of the petunia are the chalice-like or trumpet-shaped flowers.


The peony (abbreviated: peony) is a real seasonal flower. When the flower is available is very dependent on the weather. In general, the peony flowers in May and June.


The phlox is characterized by the star-shaped flowers. Many of our Dutch borders are brightened up with these brightly colored plants.


The name primula may not immediately mean something to you, but when you look at the photo you will undoubtedly recognize it. The cheerful primula (primula acaulis), also called primrose, can be admired everywhere in the spring.


A beautiful flower, surprisingly similar to the peony, is ranunculus, a root vegetable with a deceptively small flower bud that sprouts a sea of ​​petals.


The Rhododendron, called rhododendron in the Netherlands, has its origin in China, Japan, Thailand and other Southeastern Asian countries. The plant is hardy and easy to maintain. In spring they give beautiful flowers that are especially striking in a green environment.


The delphinium (also called delphinium) is a commonly used flower in bouquets. You will also be able to enjoy them in many gardens!


We may call the rose the most famous flower among all flowers. Read more about the meaning and colors of the rose.


The lilac (syringa) is a striking sight in many gardens. Thanks to her exuberant flowering, she always makes the month of May just that little bit more beautiful.


The tulip, can't get much more Dutch. However, the tulip really does not come from the Netherlands!


A modest blue flower that you have to remember is, its name says it all, the forget-me-not. Its botanical name myosotis consists of the Greek words sparrow and otis, meaning mouse ear. A reference to the hairy leaves of this beautiful plant.


The veronica is an elongated flower that you often encounter in a picking or field bouquet. The flower is also known as speedwell.

Viburnum opulus (snowball)

The viburnum opulus or Gelderse rose, is a real spring bloomer that you can see from a distance