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Welcome to our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

At we understand that you may have some questions regarding your flower orders, delivery, payments and more.

To serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible, we have divided our frequently asked questions into useful sections. This ensures that you quickly find the answers to the questions you have, without having to scroll through long lists.

If your question is nevertheless not on the list, please feel free to contact our customer service via email or WhatsApp.

Also take a look at the important announcements page, which always contains our announcements regarding the delivery of orders.

Our Categories:

  • Orders and Delivery: Find answers to questions related to placing orders, delivery options, order status, and more.
  • Product Information: If you want to learn more about our flowers, their freshness, and customization options, this is the right section.
  • Payment and Billing: Discover the payment methods we accept, how billing works, and our refund policy.
  • Account and Registration: Learn how to create an account, edit your account details, and reset your password.
  • Complaints and Returns: For questions about damaged flowers, filing complaints, and our return policy.
  • General: Information on contacting our customer service, opening hours, and the possibility of flower subscriptions.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Flowers and Care: Here, you'll find useful tips on how to best care for your flowers and other related questions.

Are you still unsure or do you have another question for us?

You can reach us through:

Phone +3185 2732330