Here you will find all general frequently asked questions for our customer service.

Why is there no Free Shipping? 

The truth about FREE Flower delivery!

This is very simple: the costs incurred for shipping have to be paid in some way. Most webshops pass these costs on as a sort of surcharge in the sales price of the products. There are also online flower shops that say to deliver for FREE but then make the bouquet or flower arrangement smaller by incorporating fewer flowers.

We can all make our products slightly more expensive and thereby pretend that we do not charge shipping costs - as usually happens with other web shops.

However, we think this is unfair because in this way customers who order multiple items are punished because they are actually charged double shipping costs.

The online stores that do not charge shipping costs, therefore earn without you noticing the 'no shipping costs' .........

We prefer to keep the costs open and fair!

"Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing"

Albert Einstein

Source: Saturday Evening Post Interview with G.S Viereck, 26-10-1929

How will my bouquet be wrapped?

Each bouquet is composed with care and love by the local Fleurop florist. In this video we show you how your bouquet is wrapped. The end result is a warm exclusive packaging of the bouquet you ordered.

A beautifully wrapped bouquet is not complete without a personal message from the sender. With the introduction of its own greeting cards, Fleurop supplies an attractive card with every bouquet, where the customer can choose from various text options. With this we also respond to the important trend of making your gift more personal. The greeting card is placed in a beautiful gold envelope. This also ensures the privacy.

The card printed with your text will be placed in a sealed envelope by the florist.
The envelope is attached to the inside of the packaging by means of a wooden clothespin.

The service folder with care tips and cut flower food is attached to a sturdy flower.

What does the bouquet look like?

The bouquets on our website are shown in medium format. The bouquet you order is always delivered in value. This means that the value of the flowers in the bouquets represent the order value. Flowers are natural products, so every bouquet is unique. So it’s possible that there are some small differences between the picture and the delivered bouquet.

Another question?

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