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Every bouquet is always hand-assembled by the Fleurop florist. This makes every bouquet unique and may differ from the photo. The bouquets shown are medium in size.

Order & send flowers

Our Local Florist use only the most beautiful Flowers to design and arrange these bouquet personally. Flowers will be delivered by our local Florist

You can select the bouquets by theme or occasion.


Bouquet Fluffy violet flowers

A Fluffy hand tied bouquet of flowers in lovely lilac.

Bouquet Unique Surprise

This bouquet is definitely a unique surprise. You are sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face with this bouquet.

Bouquet Sea of Flowers

 A true sea of ​​flowers, you won't see them as beautiful as this bouquet. Who could you make happy?

Bouquet Seasonal Surprise

A beautiful seasonal bouquet, composed of the most beautiful flowers that the season has to offer, selected and bound by the local professional florist. Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter, you can be sure it will be a great surprise

Bouquet Summer Feeling

The Feeling of summer starts with this mixed bouquet.

Bouquet Sugar Sweet + Vaas

A nice sweet bouquet that shines and creates a real surprise.

Bouquet 25 Large red Roses

A bouquet of 25 beautiful red roses superior quality

Bouquet extravagant

If something extravagant may be celebrated, give this cheerful bouquet.

Bouquet Sweet love

A cheerful bouquet with flowers in soft tones.

Bouquet flaming sun

A fiery bouquet for a true warrior or passionate person.

Bouquet white temptation

This radiant white bouquet of flowers shows the simplicity of pure seduction.

Bouquet passion

 Passion and passion is what this bouquet breathes. A real attention grabber that you won't soon forget.

Bouquet Fluffy field flowers

A fresh and  fluffy bouquet of field flowers to enjoy summer

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet colorful Picked

Like a meadow with flowers is the expression of this picking bouquet.

Composition of flowers may vary due to seasonal influences

Bouquet Embrace

This bouquet of white and blue flowers to give that warm distance hug for those  difficult moments. 

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet Spicy colors

A power- and colorful combination of field flowers in this bouquet for delivery in the Netherlands.

Gerbera, Lilium, Protea

Sparkling pink flowers

A Bright sparkling pink bouquet of flowers, 

Lisianthus, Gerbera, Roos

Bouquet sparkling pinks

A sparkling bouquets of pinks that will catch everyones attention.

Bouquet Royalgift

A special gift bouquet that will make a good gesture

Delivered by our local Florist

Pastel spring flowers

A spring bouquet that you would like to give to someone.

Luscious orange flowers

A tasteful and colorful bouquet of flowers.

Chrysanthemum, Roses, Gloriosa

Bouquet White grouped

Send your message with this breath taking white bouquet

Option: Glass vase.

Fragrant Flowers


Send warm wishes with this lovely gift bouquet that can be arranged in a glas vase.

Delivered by a local florist

Option: Glass vase.

Fragrant Flowers

Bouquet Sympathy

A nice sympathy  bouquet of white flowers to express your support.

Delivered by our local Florist

Bouquet #benice

Make something right? Or just let us know that you care about someone? You do that of course with the #benice bouquet.




Send warm wishes with this lovely Tropical gift bouquet

The composition of flowers may vary

Delivered by a local florist

Option: Glass vase

Fragrant Flowers


Bouquet & White Wine

Delivered by a local florist

Option: Glass vase.

Boeket Romeo & Julia

Declare your Valentine eternal love with this include roses and mixed flower in the colors of love.

Delivered by a local florist

Option: Glass vase.

For a special person

This  special  bouquet of  mixed white flowers will be appreciated by Mother, Grandmother, or sister.

Delivered by a local florist

Option: Glass vase.(not included)

Bouquet Glorious Colored Flowers

A bright combination of glorious colored flowers

Lilium, Roses, Eustoma

Have flowers delivered quickly and easily

First of all, very nice that you want to surprise someone by having a beautiful bouquet delivered. Our florists cannot wait to convey this feeling on your behalf. That is what they prefer to do. Each bouquet is personally handed over by the Fleurop florist, unless of course that person is not at home at that time ... But then he will see if the neighbors are at home or if he can come by at another time.

Wide range of flowers

Every season, flowers.nl has a new selection of bouquets. We also provide special bouquets for special moments, such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas. Naturally, when selecting new bouquets, the very latest is taken into account and, of course, which flowers match the season and are available.

In spring you will find the tulip, annemone and ranunculus in the bouquets, around May / June the peony can be admired in full and the sunflower is of course indispensable in the summer.

Not sure if the name of a bouquet fits the occasion. Know that the name of a bouquet is not mentioned anywhere during the delivery. So you can always choose a bouquet that you find beautiful and that matches the recipient.

Local florist

More than 1,000 independent florists are affiliated with Fleurop. Every bouquet that is ordered via flowers.nl is composed with the greatest care by this local Fleurop florist. They will also deliver the bouquet.

The flowers of the Fleurop florist are always fresh from the flower auction. This gives them the guarantee that the bunch of flowers stays beautiful in the vase for 7 days. The recipient can also ensure that a bouquet lasts an extra long time. Always cut the cut flowers diagonally and do not forget that the leaves do not end up in the water, these leaves can rot in the water. Also, never place the flowers close to a fruit bowl, as a result of which flowers will age faster. More tips? Read the care tips.

Order your bouquet today

If you order the flowers before 1 p.m. the bouquet of flowers will be delivered today by the local fleurop florist. You can order before noon on Saturday. Unfortunately, you cannot send a bouquet on Sundays and public holidays, unless stated otherwise. Exceptions are Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.