Care tips for Flowers

Do you want to enjoy the bouquet longer? You can easily influence this yourself, with simple care tips

Caretips flowers

Here are 6 tips to enjoy your flowers to the fullest.

Safe transportation.

Our bouquets are delivered in luxurious, but sustainable packaging. This protects the flowers extra well. When you get a bouquet from the local florist, make sure that the bouquet is also carefully packed. This prevents damage to the beautiful bouquet. This way you also protect the bouquet against heat or cold.

Always use a sharp knife

This ensures that the cut flowers can absorb enough water. DO NOT chop or cut the stems with a scissor as this can cause the flowers to dry out.

Remove the leaves!

Remove any leaves that are submerged in water. You do this to prevent the leaves from rotting and the formation of harmful bacterial species.

A suitable and clean vase.

Always ensure a good start of the new bouquet. This starts immediately with a clean vase, so you prevent bacteria from reaching the flowers right away. Your flowers also like to have enough space. So do not cram the stems on top of each other, but provide a suitable vase with sufficient space.

Tip: Preferably opt for a glass vase. Bacteria have less chance to attach here.

Quickly enter the water

As soon as you come home with fresh flowers or the bouquet has just been delivered, it is important that the flowers are put in a vase as soon as possible. It is best to do this with cold tap water and the right amount of cut flower food. Our bouquets always include a sachet of cut flower food. Always add these and check the packaging for the correct ratio. Now it's time to enjoy the beautiful bouquet.

Tip: Use the supplied cut flower food or ask the florist for more. The food keeps the bouquet beautiful for up to 60% longer!

Find a perfect spot

Of course you want the flowers to stay as long as possible. The location is also very important. Make sure to avoid the following locations. A drafty place or close to the heating is not a good place. As a result, they evaporate more moisture than they absorb. Also next to the fruit bowl is not the best place for flowers. This is because fruit produces ethylene gas. Which causes flowers to age quickly.

CARE TIPS for cut flowers

All care-tips from above captured in this video