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The most trusted company for the delivery of flowers in the Netherlands.

"Customer service is not a department for us, but the entire company"

Alfred. H. Menting

Founder and owner

Our Goal.

To connect people all over the world through the care and delivery of flowers..

Our Mission.

To be the very best, most loved, most efficient and most trusted flower delivery service.

Our Voice:

At Flowers.NL, we let flowers speak in the language of love, joy, and connection. We are more than just a online flower shop; we are the custodians of natural beauty and emotions. Our brand voice reflects our passion for flowers and the impact they have on people's lives.

🌸 Welcome to the world of Flowers.NL, where every flower tells a story. Our flowers are carefully selected and lovingly arranged to enrich your special moments.

🌼 "Flowers for every occasion." That's our motto. Whether you want to surprise someone on their birthday, express love, offer comfort, or simply bring a smile, our bouquets are specially designed to strike the right chord.

💐 We embrace the colors of nature and the diversity of flowers to create the most unique and meaningful arrangements. Our florists are artists, and each bouquet they create is a masterpiece in itself.

🌻 At Flowers.NL, we go beyond flowers. We offer an experience, a journey through scents, colors, and emotions. Our mission is to transform moments into memories that last a lifetime.

🌷 We cherish the earth and strive for sustainability. Our flowers are grown with respect for nature and harvested with care. When you choose Flowers.NL, you choose flowers with a green heart.

In short, at Flowers.NL, we are dedicated to delivering flowers that bring emotions to life. We take pride in being a part of your special moments and hope that our flowers make a difference in your world.

Welcome to our flower family. 🌹

Flowers.NL - Where love blooms, and flowers smile. 🌺

Our History.

  • In 1987, Alfred Menting started an exclusive flower shop named "Floral art and Designs" in Zevenaar The Netherlands. A shop that he, together with his wife Angelique Goldewijk and their team, developed over 30 years into a renowned flower specialist that was known far in the region for their innovative and high-quality products.
  • 1995 they started from this store Flowers.NL. As one of the first Dutch florists, Flowers.NL made it possible for its customers to order flowers online and have them delivered nation wide in the Netherlands.
  • The online branch went through a tremendous growth spurt and in 2016 it was decided to close the Physical flower shop "Floral Arts and Designs" and to focus entirely on the online ordering of flowers, bouquets, and arrangements through Flowers.NL.
  • With the growth of the company, the number of web shops that the company operates also increased.
  • The company has been using the renowned network of Fleurop Interflora for more than 30 years for the execution of the orders.

What is Fleurop?

Flowers.NL is as a Member of Fleurop a official Fleurop Service Partner. Fleurop sends flowers for over 100 years already. Nowadays Fleurop is the specialist in sending flowers in the Netherlands and all over the world. We have almost 1,000 Fleurop florist members in the Netherlands and 51,000 worldwide in 135 countries!


  • Worldwide network of florists.
    Fleurop enables you to send flowers all over the world, in 135 countries! Every year we deliver about 40 million bouquets.
  • Quality.
    We do not send mass-produced bouquets. Every Fleurop florist prepares and delivers the bouquet carefully. All Fleurop florists are skilled, expercienced and creative. Therefore we give a 7 day -guarantee on our bouquets.  


  • Service.
    Last minute order? When ordered before 13 am (Dutch time), flowers can be delivered the same day (not on sundays and holidays)




Royal predicate

In honor of its 100th anniversary, Fleurop received the Royal Predicate on Thursday 2 December 2021. The award was presented by Hans Oosters, King's Commissioner of the province of Utrecht. It is the crown on the work of the organization, which uses the anniversary to reflect on the prominent role that flowers play in Dutch society.

Local Fleurop professional florists

Fleurop has a nationwide network of local Fleurop florists. This makes it possible to have a bouquet delivered the same day anywhere in the Netherlands, with the exception of Sundays. In addition, it is also possible to have a bouquet delivered worldwide with Fleurop. Thanks to the international network, this can often be done the same day, depending of course on the time difference.

With its website, Fleurop ensures that orders are generated for its local florists. It is also possible to have a bouquet delivered to another place via the local Fleurop florist. Fleurop guarantees quality and services. They also take care of national and local marketing campaigns to keep the brand and brand awareness of Fleurop strong.


Almost all Fleurop florists are sustainably certified according to the independent Barometer Sustainable Florist quality mark. This gives the Fleurop network national coverage of sustainable florists and demonstrates the importance of sustainable business.


In its annual general meeting of the Florist Group on 27 January 1921, the Limburgsche Bloemisten Vereeniging proposes to set up an organization in which the associated shopkeepers undertake to carry out orders for a fixed fee, expressed in percentages, in commissioned by their colleagues from other places also affiliated with this organization.

This proposal was published in the Handelsblad De Tuinbouw of 4 February 1921. This idea is not new. This service was already used in Germany “die Blumenspendenvermittlung” and America “the Telegraph Delivery” before the First World War. The proposal to the board can be inquired with our German neighbours. The Board of the Florist Shops Circle will further elaborate this. As an announcement for the final decision in its general meeting of November 22, 1921, the Circle of Florists Shops from the Group Bloemisterij of the Dutch Horticultural Council published the draft statutes of the Bloemen-Expresse in the Handelsblad De Tuinbouw of November 4, 1921. On November 22 In 1921 the institution “de Bloemen Expresse” is a fact. At the beginning of 1922, the first members' booklet is published in the form of the “Yearboek voor de Bloemisterij”.

Royal Approval No. 63, December 17, 1964

On December 17, 1964, the association received royal approval for the submitted statutes.

Introduction Flower voucher

In 1960 Fleurop introduced the Flower Check for the Dutch market. Internationally, this followed not much later in the currency introduced by Interflora: Fleurin.

For years, the paper flower voucher was provided with value at the head office before being sent to the florists for sale. In 2009 Fleurop switches to the (plastic) gift card. This card offered many new possibilities, enabling turnover to be doubled. The business and games of chance market in particular saw great opportunities in this card. Fleurop cannot ignore sustainability either. In 2020, the flower voucher will be made from sustainable cardboard as a gift card.

Member structure

All members are equal within Fleurop; everyone has one vote.