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Rode rozen

Are you looking to send beautiful Red roses?

Ordering red roses is very easy and fast at Flower.nl. Red roses are known for their wonderful beauty and wonderful fragrance. Send Red Roses and make someone happy with a bunch of red roses, or order red roses as a gift. When do you give red roses?

Order Red roses for delivery in The Netherlands.

Florist Flowers.NL® is the specialist in selling Fresh red roses. The Red Rose is not just any flower,The Red Rose has been know for ages as a symbol of love.

These red roses are always daily fresh ans straight from the grower delivered by the local florist and they only sell red roses of the very best quality. This way we always guarantee a vase life of 1 week. However, the experience is that the red roses often stand much longer.

The red roses spread a wonderful scent throughout the room that will certainly make you happy. Ordering red roses to surprise someone is always a good idea. In addition to red roses, we also have other colors of roses in our range. For example white roses, pink roses and mixed roses.  This allows you to create beautiful color combinations. For example, combine beautiful red roses with light pink roses for a beautiful effect.

Occasions to order red roses

Roses are usually associated with romance as it is the flower of love. That is why a bunch or bouquet of red roses is very suitable to give to your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend or other loved one. It is the ultimate flower and the most beautiful symbol to surprise someone with and to say that you love someone. You can also have Bouquet of Red Roses delivered with a bottle of Champagne.

When do you give Red Roses?

  • Valentine's Day
  • Wedding day
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Just like that

There are, of course, countless other reasons to make someone happy with a bouquet of red roses. Perhaps you really want to say sorry? Or maybe you have something to make up for? Then let our florist make that gesture personally and deliver that beautiful bunch of roses on your behalf!

Order red or white roses?

The most popular color among roses is red. After all, red is the color of love, of passion. But did you know that instead of red roses you can also order white roses from our flower delivery service? White roses give a slightly different gesture than red roses. White roses look more classic and stylish. They tell a more subtle story than red roses and can therefore be given on more diverse occasions.

For example, you can order white roses for:
•A wedding, marriage or wedding
•Registered partnership
•Community contract
•New house

Even though white is not the typical color of love, a beautiful bunch of white roses can of course also be given as a sign of love. Simply, because he or she thinks these are such beautiful flowers. Send roses in a Rosebox.

Order single roses.

In addition to a bouquet of roses, it is also possible to order individual red roses. You can choose from different colors of red, white and pink. Would you like to order a single rose? You can easily and quickly order the loose roses from 7 pieces.

Difficulty choosing? For the most beautiful bouquet, we recommend choosing 20 red roses with a medium stem. We recommend the longest handle from 30 pieces. Then the roses look best in the vase!

order 100 roses

Do you want to surprise your loved one in a really special way? For an unforgettable impression, give a bouquet with 100 or roses! (or more)

Ordering 100 roses is very easy with us. You can choose from 100 red roses, but we have also selected other numbers for you, even up to 1000 pieces. The rose bouquet is expertly put together by a local florist. Whatever the occasion, a large rose bouquet is a great and impressive gift!

Deliver roses with card

Roses are the language of love, but sometimes you just want to say something more. You can do that with a card. A small subtle card with the sender's name and a short message, or a larger card with a story straight from the heart.

Delivering a funeral bouquet with red roses

You can also opt for red roses for a funeral, a funeral bouquet of red roses is very popular to send to a funeral of a loved one.

The most sold varieties of Red Roses.

  • Save Naomi®
  • Red Eagle®
  • Con Amore®
  • Red One®
  • Ever Red®
  • Ever Red Europe®
  • Cupid®

  FAQ about Red roses

Red roses traditionally have the symbolic meaning of love and romance. They are often associated with passion and deep affection and are therefore a popular choice for romantic gestures.

  • 1 rose: Recognition. With 1 rose you confirm your relationship.
  • 2 roses: Be careful with giving 2 roses, because with 2 red roses you ask: Will you marry me?
  • 3 roses: I love you!
  • 5 roses: This one goes a little further than 3 roses, with this you say: I love you dearly.
  • 6 roses: With this number is usually given to someone you want to admit your crush to.
  • 7 roses: With this number of roses you are actually saying: Let's stay together forever.
  • 10 roses : Our relationship is perfect!
  • 13 roses: Be careful if you get 13 roses, because then you have a secret admirer!
  • 15 or 18 roses: If you want an apology to offer? You do this with 15 or 18 roses.
  • 25 roses: Congratulations! You can convey a congratulations with 25 roses.
  • 50 roses: This number of roses represents unconditional love.
  • 99 or 100 roses: The meaning of this number is: True love.
  • /li>
  • 365 roses: You certainly have to dig deep for this, but with this you say: I love you every day of the year.

Red roses are considered an ultimate symbol of love and passion, which is why they are often chosen as a romantic gesture on special occasions such as Valentine's Day to express love and affection.

Yes, although red roses are traditionally associated with romance, they can also be given as a token of deep appreciation for friends, especially for special milestones or achievements.

To keep red roses fresh longer, cut the stems diagonally, remove any leaves that come into contact with water, and place them in clean water with flower food. Also keep them away from direct sunlight and drafts.

Yes, there are different shades of red available on roses, ranging from bright red to deep red or burgundy. The exact shade may vary depending on the rose variety and nursery.

A bouquet of red roses carries the message of deep love, respect and admiration. It is a powerful symbol of romance and is often used to convey strong emotional feelings.

Yes, red roses can also be suitable for other occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or as a sign of respect and admiration. However, the symbolism can be adapted to the nature of the relationship.

In general, red roses are often more expensive than roses in other colors because they are popular and considered a classic symbol of love. The price may vary depending on market demand.

Although red roses are traditionally associated with love and romance, they can also be given as a sign of respect and compassion in condolences, especially if the deceased had a love of red roses.

Red roses can be combined well with white flowers such as lilies for a classic look. They also go well with green foliage and can be complemented with other flowers such as baby's breath for a romantic touch.

When you receive or give red roses, you want to enjoy them for as long as possible. We therefore give you a fewcare tips, especially for your bouquet of roses:

  • Always cut the red roses diagonally immediately after receipt and immediately put them in water. Otherwise there is a chance that the red rose will 'droop'.
  • Put the red roses in a glass vase. The stems receive sufficient daylight and there is less chance of bacteria.
  • Red roses are happiest and last longest when they are placed in a place where there is no direct/bright sunlight. come, not even later in the day. Like other flowers, red roses wilt more quickly if they are placed near a fruit bowl, so make sure there is no fruit nearby.
  • Extra tip: Regularly cut the red roses diagonally again, this allows you to Enjoy your bouquet of red roses even longer. Then also change the water. They like that too!

Our florists are also dependent on auction prices for red roses. Due to market forces, the purchasing price of red roses increases. Unfortunately, this means that some bouquets and the red roses around Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Christmas higher in price than you are used to from us. You will also experience this at local florist.