Romantic & Love Flowers

Een mooi romantisch boeket laten bezorgen.

Be surprised by your love ♥ with a special romantic bouquet of flowers. How nice is that?

Are you looking for a romantic gift that always pleases? For a guaranteed Love & Romance success, have one of our romantic bouquets delivered as a token of your love

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Order & send romantic flowers.

Order flowers to express your love or to say 'I love you' quickly and easily via Flowers.NL. We have a special selection with Romantic love bouquets. Express your love with flowers! If you do this before 1 p.m. today, we guarantee that your love message in the form of flowers will be delivered to your loved one today, wherever in the Netherlands.

Send Romantic flowers.

Expressing a romantic message does not have to be difficult. Flowers convey a message full of emotion perfectly. Did you know that many flowers themselves often already have a message? Red roses stand for love, White roses for beauty, lilies stand for femininity and elegance, peonies stand for sincerity, hyacinths stand for softness and, for example, the iris stands for bringing good news. Imagine that you would turn all these positive bloomers into one large bouquet! One big source of joy in one bouquet together with a box of delicious Chocolate truffles! Love messages can be perfectly expressed with flowers.

Sending love flowers

As your sign of emotion.

Order on our website and we will take care of the rest. The local Fleurop florist will deliver the bouquet at the place of destination and ensure that it reaches the right person. This will be pleasantly surprised when a beautiful fresh bouquet is handed over to the door! A perfect source of emotions, a large bunch of flowers. Send flowers on Valentines day. or Just to say thank you or get well soon to someone, A bouwuet of flowers is always a great gesture.

Different Kinds of Love

  • The following are scientifically classified types of love:
    Eros: romantic and sexual love
    Storge: family and friendship love
    Philia: flat friendship love
    Agape: unconditional and universal love
    Ludus: playful and flirtatious love
    Pragma: practical and rational love
    Philautia: self love and self respect.

A story about giving flowers based on different types of love:


Eros had always been in love with his neighbor and decided to finally show her his love by giving her flowers. He chose a beautiful bunch of roses that reflected the depth and intensity of his feelings. When he gave her the flowers, she looked surprised and moved. He told her how much he loved her and begged her to have a romantic relationship with him.


Storge gave flowers to his mother as a token of his deep gratitude and love for her. He chose a beautiful bunch of wild flowers from the garden and carefully gathered them into a beautiful bouquet. When he gave them to his mother, they hugged each other crying with joy. His mother thanked him warmly for his gift and for the love he had always shown for her.


Philia gave flowers to his best friend as a token of appreciation and friendship. He chose a bunch of chrysanthemums, which are known for their symbolism of appreciation and friendship. When he gave them to his friend, they hugged each other warmly and promised each other to still be friends no matter what happened in the future.


Agape gave flowers to a stranger to show her concern for their well-being and to let them know she loved them, even though they didn't know each other. She chose a bunch of sunflowers, which represent sincerity and hope. When she gave the flowers to the stranger, he looked surprised and moved. Agape told them that she hoped and prayed that all went well for them.


Ludus gave flowers to a person he liked to flirt and tease. He chose a bunch of carnations, known for their symbolism of secret love and desire. When he gave them to the person, he flirted and teased them. The person laughed and played along, happy with the company and the attention.


Pragma gave flowers to his betrothed as a sign of his responsibility and serious obligation to love and care for her. He chose a bunch of orchids, which stand for dignity and long-term relationships. When he gave them to his fiancee, he explained that he would always protect and support her and that he was willing to devote the rest of his life to her. His fiancé was touched by his gift and affirmed her obligation to give him the same amount of love and care.


Philautia gave herself flowers to celebrate how far she had come and how much she had achieved. He chose a bunch of beautiful flowers that reflected the different facets of his personality. When he gave them to himself, he hugged himself and thanked himself for all the effort and hard work he had put in to get to where he was today. He realized that he was worthy of being celebrated and decided to take care of himself and celebrate more often

Get creative with flowers yourself.

If you're looking for new DIY floral arrangements, you're in luck! There are countless opportunities to create beautiful floral arrangements that will brighten up your home, lift your mood and challenge your creative skills.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: The hanging flower tree, Christmas wreath of winter flowers, Atmosphere coupe with underwater flowers

Valentines-day Flowers

In this videoclip you can see the effect by flowers on people…