DIY: Christmas wreath of winter flowers as a table centerpiece

You could also call this Christmas piece a ball full of happiness, this cheerfully colored Christmas wreath.

Here we have presented this arrangement as a table centerpiece with a nod to an Advent altar. But you can also use this wreath as a Christmas wreath on the front door (or wherever). And you can make this wreath all by yourself!

Make your own Christmas wreath.


  • Durable floral foam in turban shape
  • or Spaghnum moss in chicken wire in turban shape
  • Your favorite flowers, we used orchid, chrysanthemum, gloriosa and tulip, among others
  • Pine twigs or conifer twigs.

Optional: beautiful candles in a matching color


Let the floral foam wreath or the Spagnum be filled with water and let it drain. Are you going to use candles? Then place this first in the wreath so that you can work around it nicely. Now you can then prick the diagonally cut stems of the flowers into the shape. Make sure there is a good distribution of colour, shape and size. Be sure to play with this! You can also opt for a wreath with one type of flower. You can also apply a gradient in the colors for a nice effect; from soft pink to deep red.

You put the wreath on the table, possibly on a low dish or nice plate as an elevation, but also possibly for leaking water.

The candles can be lit and counted down. Is it almost Christmas already?