DIY: Hanging Flower Tree

Do you want a Christmas feeling but no fir tree in your house? The hanging flower tree.

This is a real WOW effect! This hanging flower tree is a real eye-catcher. The Christmas tree feeling, no fir tree in the house. If you want to keep the space airy or if you really want to make an impression, this tree is really ideal. You can make the hanging flower tree as big as you want, for example in size XL, but of course also make it smaller so that it fits perfectly in your home. The concept as well as the implementation remains the same, just like the WOW effect of course.


  • Vanda orchid
  • Phalaenopsis mix
  • Cambria orchid
  • Burrageara orchid
  • Cymbidium
  • Paphiopedilum americano
  • Gloriosa
  • Rose saves Naomi
  • Scabiosa
  • Ranunculus
  • Vriesea Elan
  • Red tulip
  • Rose secret garden
  • Rose pink Floyd
  • Gypsophila pink
  • Chrysanthemum Baltazar
  • Wire
  • Water glasses
  • Christmas balls
  • Piece of concrete mat (optional)

You can use this shopping list as a guideline. You are of course free to unleash your own creativity on this flower tree and to deviate from the colors and the interpretation of the flower types.

We recommend using a concrete mat (available at the hardware store). This makes it easier to hang the tree. However, it is recommended to provide the mat with a color in advance so that it is less noticeable against the ceiling.



First of all, the place for the flower tree is of course important. Choose a nice place where you want to hang the tree. If you want to use the concrete mat, attach it firmly to the ceiling with a chain or rope. Then tie a Christmas bauble, flower or water glass to a thin thread in the middle and attach it to the ceiling/concrete mat. The good news: this is the first step towards your contemporary Christmas tree. The bad news? You have to repeat this step about 50 more times.

Think very carefully in advance what kind of shape you want, you can possibly sketch something on paper. A beautiful organic shape or a super tight cone? When hanging, remember that the shape is three-dimensional, so for the best result you should regularly walk around the tree. It's like arranging a bouquet.

Of course you can make this tree your own. Do you choose a taditoneel red or a colorful tree or do you choose the trend color of the new year. You can continue this in the Christmas baubles and flowers, but also in the color of the rope.


If you want to enjoy your hanging flower tree for as long as possible, it is best to place the flowers in water vases or water tubes. Not all flowers need to be in water. Gypsophila, for example, can also be hung dried. A fully dried flower tree is also an option. Check out how to dry flowers yourself.

Have fun making it and enjoy your flower tree all month long.

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