DIY: Mood coupe candle with underwater flowers

A nice table decoration for Christmas dinner.

During the month of December we all light a lot of candles. Such as during the Advent period to count down to Christmas, but also to create atmosphere at home because otherwise you cannot distinguish the Christmas stollen from the turkey. It's so dark outside. Therefore create a special mood lighting yourself with the help of flowers, that's how you do it!


  • Water glass (several and or in different sizes is also allowed)
  • Distilled water
  • Strong flowers such as rose, gerbera, calla or anthurium
  • Twigs from the Christmas tree or from the conifer in the garden
  • Floating candle(s)


Make sure you clean the glasses well with dish soap. Then fill them with distilled water. This water ensures that the water in the vase remains clear for longer and does not become cloudy as quickly. The flowers therefore remain beautiful for longer and distilled water also prevents the formation of air bubbles on the flowers.

Cut or cut the green into small pieces and divide them nicely in the glass. Cut the flowers just below the bud. Then drop them into the water. Is the glass starting to fill up nicely?

Then also add a floating candle and light it with the help of a long match or lighter.

The mood coupe candle is ready!

It gives a nice atmospheric table if you divide a number of these water glasses with flowers over the table.

A nice addition to this table decoration are also the mini Christmas wreath for the champagne coupe and the napkin ring of flowers.

Waterglas met onderwater bloemen