DIY: Mothersday Flower letter

There are several ways to spoil your mother, such as breakfast in bed, her favorite perfume, a handwritten card or her favorite chocolates. But one thing is certain, flowers always make mothers happy! And what could be better than giving her favorite flowers in the form of a beautiful flower letter on Mother's Day that you made yourself? Especially since Mother's Day falls in the spring, when many flowers are in bloom. So quickly get the necessities at home and show your love with this DIY!
Moederdag bloemenletter


To do this, you'll need a selection of your mom's favorite flowers, as well as floral foam in the shape of her initial or mom's "m." Soak the floral foam completely in water and place it on a flat surface. Cut the flower stems diagonally with scissors and carefully pierce the flowers into the foam until it is covered with a beautiful flower letter.

Step by step.

The floral foam is also important because it helps keep the flowers in place and well hydrated. Make sure you soak the floral foam completely before you start making the flower letter so it can absorb enough water.

When you start arranging the flowers, start with the largest flowers and work your way to the smaller flowers. This will give you a beautiful and balanced floral letter. It is also important to ensure that the flowers are not too close together and that there is room for the flowers to breathe.

Moederdag letter detail
Bloemen letter op stoel

Once you've finished making the flower letter, it's a good idea to store it in a cool place to keep the flowers fresh for as long as possible. And when you give the flower letter to your mother, you can be sure that you have given her a special and personal gift that will make her happy!

Did you make the beautiful floral letter for Mother's Day? Share your creation with the hashtag #nicehowflowersdothat on Instagram or Facebook and show others how creative you are! But if you need more inspiration for Mother's Day, there are plenty of other options for surprising your mom with flowers.