Chrysanthemum - Care Tips

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Meet the chrysanthemum.

In China and Japan, people have been a big fan of the chrysanthemum for centuries. Quite rightly! Because this "golden flower" brings warmth and color, shines in every bouquet and also has a very long shelf life.


You would almost forget that the chrysanthemum is originally yellow; the flower is now available in an unprecedented wide color palette. Choose color and enrich your home with chrysanthemums in warm golden yellow, bronze red or deep orange tones. Subtle is also possible: choose chrysanthemums in shades of white, pink and purple. To make it even more difficult to choose, this beautiful bloomer comes in different varieties. So give your inner stylist free rein with the spray, the fluff and the santini chrysanthemum. In the latter, the flowers are branched on the stem and are much more compact; that gives a special look! And if that wasn't enough choice, there are also many flower shapes: from single to double-flowered and from spider to pom-pom shape.


With the stylish chrysanthemum you bring both endless color and a good dose of luck into your home. This flower stands for happiness and health. That is not only nice to put on the table for yourself, but also very nice to give as a gift!


Chrysanthemums have been extremely popular in Asia for centuries. The flower is originally from China and Japan, where people immediately fell in love with it. Around 1700 the chrysanthemum also appeared in Europe. The name of the chrysanthemum comes from the Greek: chrys (gold) and anthemon (flower).

Care tips for the chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum is very easy going. If you apply the tips below, they will easily shine for three weeks:

  • Provide a clean vase and clean water.
  • Remove the leaves so that they do not hang in the water.
  • Add cut flower food.
  • Change the water every five days and top up regularly.
  • Do not place the flowers in full sun or in a draft.