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Rose, The Queen of flowers.

The rose is available in countless colours, each of which has its own meaning. So wherever or whoever you are, there is always a suitable rose for you.
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Many colors such as red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. Two-tone or multi-colored. Big, small, short stalk, long stalk. In a romantic mood, a luxury problem quickly arises, because there is so much choice available. And every year dozens of new species are added. In some of these roses, the center of the rose is even green; this 'grass heart' is actually the flower bed that grows through the flower.


The heart-shaped leaves symbolize love and trust. The thorns of the rose indicate that love is not always easy. Red roses in particular have been inextricably linked with love for centuries, but did you know that each color has its own meaning?

  • Red - love and respect.
  • White - true love, purity, dignity, cleanliness.
  • Pink - happiness, gratitude, purity.
  • Orange - desire, appreciation, sympathy.
  • Yellow - intimate friendship, bonding.

Combinations of rose colors and combinations with other flowers also have a special meaning. With a white and red rose together, for example, you express the wish to always be together. Roses in a bouquet symbolize gratitude and one rose in a large bouquet stands for: you are the one I love, you are the one for me!


The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians discovered the beauty of the rose many thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, in Northern Europe we had to wait until the sixteenth century. Since then, the popularity of the rose has grown non-stop and many new varieties are added every year. It is clear: we are far from done with the rose.

Care tips for roses

  • Give roses a clean vase with clean water.
  • Add cut flower food to the water for a longer shelf life.
  • Cut or trim the stems at an angle of 3-5 cm with a sharp and clean knife.
  • Leave the thorns on the stems if possible.
  • Regularly top up the vase with tap water.
  • Finally, don't put your roses in a draft, in full sun, near the stove or next to the fruit bowl.