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Alstroemeria. Background information about, origin, species, care and bouquets with Alstroemeria

A colorful celebration of friendship

Twisted leaves and beautiful, brightly colored flowers: these are the characteristics of the alstroemeria. She symbolizes friendship and that makes her the perfect flower to give as a gift to your best friends.



You often find the Alstroemeria in the shop still somewhat shy and it hides in its flower bud. But olala, what a big surprise this grandame brings when she opens her buds at home. Then you can often count six to eight flowers on its stem, with a flaming inside in white, yellow, red, orange, purple or pink you can fully enjoy this. Especially because these flowers last so long.


Long-lasting friendship that is what the Alstroemeria symbolizes. It is therefore the ideal gift to celebrate a beautiful close friendship. Also all six petals of the alstroemeria each represent a valuable property; understanding, humor, patience, compassion, decisiveness and respect. You can choose which leaf stands for which meaning.


Because of its exotic appearance, the alstroemeria is also called inca lily. It is therefore a reference to the natural habitat of this beautiful bloomer: the cool mountains of the Andes in Chile, Brazil and Peru. in the eighteenth century this flower was discovered there by the Swedish researcher Clas Alströmer. He was the one who gave the flower its current name.


Some Alstroemeria species do not produce pollen, for example the Florinca. This has two advantages: the flowers do not fall out and they are extremely suitable for people who are allergic to pollen (hay fever).

Alstroemeria Care tips:

  • Immediately place the Alstroemeria in a vase with Chrysal Better Bloom. Or even better: use Chrysal Lily & Alstroemeria's specialty flower food. Thanks to this flower food, the buds will open beautifully, the Alstroemerias will retain their intense colors and the Alstroemerias will last up to 60% longer than with water alone.
  • Cut the stem of the Alstroemeria 2-3 cm with a clean and sharp knife or scissors.
  • Remove the fallen leaves of the Alstroemerias from the water.

order a bouquet with Alstroemeria?

The Alstroemeria is not a flower that is available all year round. Therefore, always first contact our customer service to ensure that this flower is in stock at our florist…