Freesia - Care Tips

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Freesia - Care tips

Let yourself be seduced by the scent of the vintage Freesia.

The Freesia has sparkling colors and leaves a subtle touch of perfume in the house.

The scent takes you back in time and often evokes memories. Old-fashioned? no way! Vintage, because this nostalgic flower has made a spectacular comeback.


The tuber of the Freesia forms small nodules under the ground, which are called beads. Such a bead grows into a full-fledged tuber and eventually into a comb with flowers, which gives every home extra style. And even in a vase she still grows happily! The freesia is available in the colors white, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink and purple. But can also be two-tone or multi-colored. Many varieties have a wonderful sweet scent, which makes your home even more attractive.


The Freesia symbolizes unconditional love. So! Traditionally, you give your husband white Freesias after seven years of marriage, which remind you of pure, true love. The wonderful scent of the flower comb adds an extra dimension to this. It also symbolizes innocence.


The root vegetable Freesia was 'discovered' in South Africa, where it was called 'Cape lily of the valley'. The flower was given the name 'Freesia' around 1830 by the South African botanist Ecklon, who named it after his friend - the German physician F. Freese.

Did you know that the inflorescence of a Freesia is called a comb, because of all the flower buds that are so neatly arranged?