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Carnation. Background information about, origin, types, care and bouquets with Carnation


Green, deep purple, dark red, fluorescent yellow, champagne, soft orange, salmon pink, white or combinations of colors: the carnation offers you all the splendor of colors. But that is certainly not the only special thing about this flower. The anjar has many forms: there are carnations with single flower and spray carnations. And besides that, the carnation also has striking petals; with round, serrated or fringed edges. No wonder that the carnation is a beautiful protagonist or addition to any vase.


The carnation symbolizes passion, desire and romance. Renaissance painters from the 15th and 16th centuries chose this flower as an extra in their engagement scenes. And nothing has changed in that regard: the carnation is still an appropriate gift to show your passionate love with. Or to rekindle the passion in your relationship ...


The original birthplace of the carnation can be found on the coast of the Mediterranean. The flower's popularity goes back a long way; the Romans, for example, already made head wreaths and fresh scented water from the carnation. The flower can also be seen regularly in religious paintings, as a symbol of Saint Mary and as a symbol of the Passion of Christ. The Latin name for carnation is Dianthus, a derivative of Dios (God) and anthos (flower). So a divine flower!


Prince Bernhard had worn a white carnation in the left lapel of his jacket since he was a student. On June 29, 1940, his birthday, he did no different. This was a month and a half after the start of the German occupation. That day, the Dutch people decided en masse to fly the flag and to embellish statues of the Royal House with flowers, in order to show the occupier that their heart was with the Royal Family. This history has given the white carnation a special meaning. The flower is worn at special events such as National Veterans Day as an expression of appreciation for veterans. On the website you can read more about the history and you will find wearing instructions.

Carnation care tips for at home:

Carnations are very durable, if the carnations have been properly pre-treated by the grower. In the Netherlands, the correct pre-treatment is applied by most growers. This keeps the carnations beautiful in the vase for a very long time. There are some tips for enjoying the carnations as long as possible at home:

• The carnation is very sensitive to ethylene. It is not recommended not to place carnations near fruits and vegetables.

Cut 2-3 centimeters off the stem with a clean and sharp knife or scissors.

• Place the carnations in a clean vase with fresh water and cut flower food.

• Keep the carnations away from drafts, heat and direct sunlight.