Typical bloomers in beautiful colors

The yellow flowers jump in all directions out of enthusiasm. The summer season may be over, but let's just keep on enjoying! The female bloomers are in the center and surrounded by a group of male flowers.


Not only the milky sap makes the flower very special, but also the fake flowers surrounded by the bracts. You put this in a vase to enjoy it to the fullest. They are known for this typical inflorescence. You can choose from different colors: yellow, orange, red and white.


There is no real symbolism of the spurge, but there are several stories to be found. In the past, people were afraid that witches could enter the house through cracks. To dislodge them spurge was drunk and smeared on the chest of children. Of course you should never do this yourself.


The Dutch name spurge of course partly refers to the milk that flows from the stems. Wolf here means devil. It used to be thought that he was the cause of the poison. Euphorbia comes from Euphorbos, he was the physician of the Mauritanian king Juba II. This probably has to do with the cleaning effect of a number of species. The English name is therefore spurge, van to purge.

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