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Campanula. Background information about, origin, species, care and bouquets with Campanula


Campanula is a real summer flower in white, pink and purple. On the usually long stem you will find a flower in the shape of .. a bell. The bells open further during flowering, but otherwise the punctual flower has few surprises in store.


Did you know that the fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm are named after the rapunzel clock? But little animal lovers are also named after the campanula. What an honor! You have a bell-sand bee, a small bell-bee, a large bell-bee and a bell-thick leg. All these wild bees love the treats contained in the capsule.


The campanula is mainly found in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. A number of well-known brothers and sisters of the bell are the Northern European harebell, the rough bell, the mountain bell and the rapunzel bell. The choice is huge!