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Gloriosa. Background information about, origin, species, care and bouquets with Gloriosa.

Vase full of flaming fireballs

Whether you find the flamboyant version in rose-red with saffron yellow or the orange with light yellow edges, the Gloriosa is always sensational.


You don't know what you see: the Gloriosa combines a delicate, fresh green stem with elegant green-yellow pistils that dance at the bottom (!). Above it grow six wavy flaming petals that open to you during flowering like a hushed butterfly. In short, design by nature when nature had a very good day. There are two types: short with a clean stalk and somewhat longer with leaves and branches. Beautiful in bouquets, but just as beautiful in small vases and tea glasses, scattered throughout your house.


The Gloriosa is a botanical outsider: a tuber that turns out to be a spectacular climber. She pulls herself up with small curls at the tips of the leaves, which, like hands on a ladder, look higher and higher. That is why the flowers of the Gloriosa represent ambition and success: they are the ideal gift for someone with a new job or experiencing a new beginning in a different way.


In the wild, the Gloriosa, niece of the lily family, winds up in India and southern Africa. Its official name is Gloriosa rothschildiana, named after zoologist Lionel Rothschild. The flower is also called a beautiful lily, with 'superba' as its middle name. And not a word too much has been said of that