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The peony is a flower that will surprise you.

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The peony: from ugly duckling to beautiful swan

Few plants produce such impressive flowers as the peony. The peony in the bud is really just an ugly duckling. However, once flowering begins, it's like an explosion takes place: in no time an incredible amount of delicate leaves emerge.

In other words: from ugly duckling to beautiful swan! Perhaps this is why the peony is regarded as a sign of love, happiness, health, prosperity and blooming romance.

What is the flowering time of the peony?

Can't wait until the peony is available again? This beautiful flower blooms in the period May and June.

The weather conditions determine when the peonies are available, but on Mother's Day this flower is fortunately available in abundance and many mothers are still surprised with this beautiful flower.

Although it could just be a tropical flower, the peony thrives in many Dutch gardens. Are you lucky enough to have the peony blooming in your garden? Then you can cut the stem and give it a nice place inside. Nice in combination with a twig of the olive tree or other greenery. The flowers not only look beautiful, they also smell good.

The only drawback is that ants also love this sweet scent. Check to be sure that there are no ants in the flower, of course you prefer to keep them out!


Numerous colors and shapes of the peony

The nice thing about the peony: it is available in more than a thousand varieties, in all kinds of colors and shapes. For example, with double flowers, a single row of petals, in the color pink, red, yellow and white.

Did you know that the colors of flowers have a special meaning? Read more about the meaning of the color of flowers.

Origin of the peony

Despite the name suggests, the peony is not a family of the rose, but of the paeoniaceae family. The peony originates from China. The flower was mainly grown there for its roots. These are said to have a fever-lowering and styptic effect. Nowadays it is no longer advisable to eat the roots of the cultivated peony. The peony came to Europe from about 1780.

Caretips for the peony

The peony is hardy and the height varies between 0.8 and 1 meter. If you want to give them a nice spot in the garden, choose a nice sunny spot. The peony loves that. The plant can stand in a pot or border.

The plant blooms well on clay soil. They can also flower on sandy soil, but then it is advisable to provide the plant with extra (cow) manure. In the autumn you can cut the plant to 3-5 cm. In the spring, the peony turns from ugly duckling to beautiful swan.

Enjoy the peony even longer!

  • Cut the peony 2 to 5 cm diagonally with a clean sharp knife.
  • Remove the leaves that could get into the water.
  • Place the peony in a clean vase and add cut flower food.
  • Enjoy the flowers!

Peonies are available from May to June.

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