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Gypsophila a white cloud of flowers.

The Charming Cut Flower for Every Occasion

Gypsophila, also known as Gypsophila, is a delicate cut flower that makes a sophisticated addition to any bouquet. With its fine, airy petals and subtle color, from white to light pink, gypsophila is a popular choice for many occasions.

Gypsophila is an excellent flower to use for weddings as it brings a light and presence to any bouquet or arrangement. It is also a perfect flower to use for funeral arrangements, as its simple appearance and subtle color has a soft look and conveys a sense of comfort and support.

In addition, gypsophila is very versatile in terms of use. It is not only suitable for bouquets and arrangements, but can also be added to corsages, boutonnieres and wedding hair accessories. Gypsophila also has a striking appearance when used as a solo flower and makes an attractive addition to any room as a dried arrangement.

All in all, gypsophila is a charming cut flower that makes for a subtle addition to any bouquet or arrangement. Whether you want to dress up a wedding, funeral arrangement, or just a surprise moment, gypsophila is an excellent choice. So if you're looking for a versatile, sophisticated cut flower, consider gypsophila for your next floral project.



Gypsophila can be recognized by the many pink or white flowers that spread widely, creating a dreamy cloud of flowers. Gypsophila stays beautiful for a long time and is available all year round. Because it is such a good 'filler', gypsophila is often used in bouquets and was even in the top 10 of most popular cut flowers for many years.


Gypsophila is native to the Mediterranean region, Asia Minor and Eastern Europe. The official name of gypsophila is Gypsophila, from the Greek words 'gypsos' (gypsum) and 'philos' (love). This beautiful name refers to the flower's preference for calcareous soils. By the way, did you know that gingerbread is a distant relative of the carnation?


Modest care for a modest flower:

  • Cut off the bottom leaves of the flower stems.
  • Immediately after purchase, place the gypsophila in a clean vase with lukewarm water and add a little cut flower food.
  • Avoid locations with a lot of drafts, direct sunlight or near fruit.