Calla Lilly - Care Tips

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The Calla Lilly is a welcome guest at festive occasions.


In terms of color, the Calla offers you plenty of choice. The flower comes in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green, black and two-tone. The most striking thing about the Calla is the beautifully stylized chalice. This calyx is actually a petal and grows serenely and stately from the stem. It is a kind of scale that opens slowly, until you can see deep into the heart. The real flowers are very small and are located on the spike in the calyx.


The Calla has several symbolic meanings. Calla is seen as a flower of purity and sympathy and stands for beauty. The Calla is also seen as a lucky flower. This dates back to the times of the Greeks and Romans. They associated the chalice-shaped flower with celebration and fun.


Calla comes from an area stretching from South Africa to Malawi, where it grows in swamps. There it is alternately soggy or dried out, which makes the Calla not only beautiful but also strong.

Care tips:

The Calla is very sensitive to pollution. This means that good hygiene is very important! To enjoy Callas even longer, we have some tips for you:

• Work with clean tools and clean your vase thoroughly before use.

• Put the Callas in a solution of Chrysal CVBN and water.

• If necessary, trim the stems regularly. If necessary, you can remove the stems that have become slimy.

• Do not place the Callas in full sun, near another heat source or in a draft.

• In addition, the Callas are sensitive to ethylene gas. It is therefore not recommended to place the Callas near vegetables or fruit.

Callas are also very beautiful in a bridal bouquet. To keep the bouquet beautiful on this important day, you can use Chrysal Glory. Chrysal Glory is a shelf life spray. The spray works quickly and efficiently. Chrysal Glory keeps the flowers beautiful for longer without having to stand in water.