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Holly (Ilex verticulata). Background information about, origin, species, care and bouquets with holly (Ilex verticulata)


Ilex (holly) is available in red, but also in yellow, orange, green, cream and salmon pink. Less classic than red, but oh so surprising and trendy. All varieties have a dark green stem between 30 and 120 centimeters.


For centuries, holly has symbolized life with its evergreen leaves. That meaning fits nicely in the Christmas season, but also before or after, of course. We still use holly as a symbol today. In a wreath, it symbolizes lasting friendship and faithful love.


Ilex can be found in the wild in southern and western Europe and western Asia. The Latin word Ilex is derived from quercus ilex (holm oak) because the leaves of the holly look a bit like those of an oak.