Choose a colorful and blue spring bouquet!

When the first spring rays of sunlight have registered, the Agapanthus is eager to join the other spring flowers in a beautiful spring bouquet. It seems as if the flowers of this flower of love explode like beautiful decorative fireworks in the forest. Why? To celebrate spring of course! For example, something blue not only completes a wedding, but also your bouquet. Which shade of blue do you choose?

Colors and shapes

The Agapanthus has elongated leaves on its long stem and ends in a beautiful ball of small flowers. She slowly spreads spring in your home piece by piece. There are hundreds of varieties, so plenty of choice. In fact, plenty of choice. The Agapanthus is also available in white, but with so many shades you can hardly ignore blue. Especially because this color is quite special in the flower world.


Don't you just want to put the flower in a vase? Dry the Agapanthus roots, wear them in a necklace around your neck and get married. The Xhosa, a people in South Africa, have been doing this for years, because it provides extra fertility. Now it is immediately clear why the Agapanthus is nicknamed "flower of love". The Greek "agape" means love and "anthos" means flower.

order a bouquet with Agapanthus??

The Agapanthus is not a flower that is available all year round. Therefore, always contact our customer service first to ensure that this flower is in stock at our florist…

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