Gladiolus - Care Tips

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The hero of the flower world. Grand and compelling, you can say that about the gladiolus.

This hero likes to go up high with you and show all his colors there, from late spring to deep autumn.


The gladiolus stands out because the flowers bloom on either side of the stem. A double indulgence! The flower is available in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, cream and with multiple colors per flower.


The gladiolus has an extremely heroic meaning. Its name comes from the Latin gladius, which means sword. The flower represents strength, victory and pride. That meaning goes all the way back to Roman times, when gladiators literally fought over death or the gladiolus in the arena. When a gladiator won, he was buried under gladiolus. Even today we still know the term "death or the gladiolus" in cycling and walkers of hiking tours are showered with gladiolus at the finish.


Delicious, a gladiolus tuber! The originally African summer bloomer was loved for its roasted base. The variant we know now cannot be eaten.

Care tips for at home:

• Place the gladioli in a clean vase.

• Use a clean knife to cut 3 to 6 cm off the stems.

• With the cut flower food you can enjoy the gladioli even longer.

• Make sure that the gladioli are not in a draft or in direct sunlight. In addition, it is also important that the gladioli are not too close to fruit.

• If there is still 1/3 of the water left in the vase, top it up with cut flower food and water.