A versatile type

You would think that the bouvardia with its star-shaped flowers is a diva with star allure. Nothing is less true. This beauty does a fantastic job both solo and mixed. It makes little difference whether you choose her as the leading lady or give her a small supporting role. She does shine anyway!


Bouvardia is available in white, pink, red or two of these colors combined. A member of the Rubiacae family, she is also a beloved garden plant. There are about thirty varieties of bouvardias, all offering different sizes, flower colors and single or double flowers. Always recognizable by the trumpet or star-shaped flower.


Bouvardias have a glorious past. It is named after Charles Bouvard, personal physician to Louis XIII and head of the Jardin du Roi in Paris. The flower symbolizes enthusiasm, which is why bouvardias are often included as cut flowers in flower arrangements given to celebrate.


The genus bouvardia comprises about thirty species and originates from Central America, especially Mexico. Did you know that coffee, gardenias and pentas are related to the bouvardia?