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Gerbera - Flowers.NL®

Fresh cheerfulness for every interior power of the gerbera?

She brings a large dose of cheerfulness to your home! Her fresh color and playful shape suit every interior and every event, so gerberas are always the right choice.


When you say gerbera, you say color! The basic colors of the gerbera are white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. The flower is also available in two colors, multi-colored and in various colors derived from the basic colors. The beautiful heart of this flower can be black or green. In short: plenty of choice in color. The shape is downright cheerful: single and double flowered, pompom and spider shapes. Have you ever noticed that when a child draws a flower, it is in the shape of the gerbera?


Why gerberas are known as birthflowers may stem from the fact that we often find them cheerful. They come in all colors. They attract the flowers and bees. They stand for innocence and purity. And they are best available in the spring. They turn towards the sun. There are so many reasons why we love gerberas, perhaps that's why we associate the flower with the birth of a baby.


The gerbera is a non-scented flower that belongs to the plant genus Asteraceae, or Compositae. It has its origins in South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania. Every year, up to 900 million gerberas are produced in the Netherlands with 600 different varieties in colors, shapes and sizes. A popular lady!