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Eustoma (Lisianthus). Background information about, origin, species, care and bouquets with Eustoma (Lisianthus)


Eustoma in popular speech, but this beauty is actually called Lisianthus.

Natural beauty with "roots" in the Wild West

In the Wild West are the roots of a beautiful flower with an even better name: the lisianthus. Her sympathetic symbolism - she is, among other things, the symbol of gratitude - makes her a perfect gift. Or do you prefer to keep this beauty for yourself?


The lisianthus is versatile. It comes in white, cream, blue, pink, lilac, purple and salmon. Some flowers even have multi-colored petals. The petals of the lisianthus are not only colorful, but also very soft and delicate. So treat with love.


The lisianthus may seem soft and sweet, but it has a powerful symbolism. This flower stands for appreciation, gratitude and charisma. Giving a lisianthus to someone else is therefore always a good idea. Do not forget to tell us the special symbolism!


The lisianthus is originally from North America. There it grows in riverbeds of the desert and in prairie regions. In the states of Texas, Nebraska, Nevada and Colorado, they also call the plant of this flower prairie gentian. Although originally an American beauty, the lisianthus' triumphal march really started in Japan. It was Japanese growers who crossed the prairie gentian in the 1930s. This resulted in today's lisianthus.

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