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Dahlia. Background information about, origin, types, care and bouquets with Dahlia

Because the dahlia is one of our favorite flowers and we are happy to share information about it.

About the Dahlia

The dahlia stands out mainly because of the size of the flower and its beautiful colors. When you have a dahlia in the garden, you will be amazed by this cool plant. This cheerful bloomer is a real late summer bloomer. Towards autumn, the dahlia will surprise you for a long time with its beautiful colors. That is why it is highly recommended for your garden!

Is the dahlia a perennial?

The dahlia is a perennial, but unfortunately this does not mean that it can remain in the ground. For good care, remove the tuber from the plant at the end of the season, before the first frost. Next year you can plant them again and fully enjoy the dahlia again.

Varieties of dahlias

The dahlia is one of the most beautiful flowers for your garden or in a bouquet and there is a wide variety of varieties.

  • Dahlia cafe au lait

This is really our dahlia favorite. Extremely large, a real sensation. If you want to plant dahlias in the garden, we would really recommend these. You can thank us later!

  • Dahlia Burlesca

The dahlia burlesca is a real gem. In addition to its beautiful colors, you keep looking at the unique round ball. A picture to have in the garden. Nice to combine with other dahlias or other colorful flowers. Do you have a picking garden? Then this one should not be missing.

  • Dahlia crème de cognac

This dahlia species is less known, but deserves to be mentioned here. This dahlia has a beautiful gradient from red to orange, which makes this flower so unique. If you are looking for many color variations with the dahlias, then you can definitely consider this variety.

  • Dahlia arabian night

Do you have a spot left next to the dahlia creme de cognac? Then consider the deep red dahlia arabian night, nice and mysterious!

The care of the dahlia:

Because the dahlia is so popular, many people are curious about how best to care for the dahlia. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the dahlia. From location to care, we are happy to tell you about it.

Do you have a question, but it's not listed? Then you can submit this to us via chat or email and we will be happy to help you with information!

When should I plant the dahlia tubers?

Spring is the time to plant the dahlia tuber - it is not a dahlia bulb - in the ground. It is best to wait until the end of April/beginning of May, so that there is no more night frost. Night frost is harmful to the dahlia.

Another option is to first plant the dahlia tuber in a pot and keep it indoors until May. This is possible from the end of March. The dahlia tuber can then already develop (pull ahead). This ensures that the dahlia will flower earlier and that you can enjoy the beautiful colors even longer!

Is the Dahlia hardy?

No, the dahlia is unfortunately not hardy. It is important that you remove the dahlia bulbs from the soil at the end of the flowering period. Taking into account the first night frost, that they are removed from the ground before that.

Where can I plant the dahlia?

Before planting the tuber, make sure you plant the top properly. The first dots may already be visible, this is the top. Place the tuber about 5 cm below the ground. When several dahlias are planted next to each other, there must be sufficient space between them. This should be at least 30-40 cm.

Can the dahlia be placed in the sun?

Yes, the dahlias prefer a lot of sunlight. If you have a nice spot, where there is shade at a certain time of the day, you can also plant them there. Keep in mind that the dahlia gets enough moisture. We recommend that you continue to water regularly.

Can you plant dahlia in a pot?

That is indeed possible. If you have a balcony or a nice spot on a terrace, you can fully enjoy the dahlia in pot. Here too it is important that the dahlia is not left outside during frost. So make sure you put the dahlia in a pot frost-free in the winter.