Viburnum - Care Tips

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The viburnum is a cheerful appearance that brightens up any bouquet - and is available in various shapes almost all year round.

In prehistoric times the flower was used as a weapon, but now Viburnum has developed into a bouncy flower with a delicious slightly sweet scent.

Bouquet "Springtime sun"


The flowers can be found in soft pink or an immaculate white variety. The plant produces berries, which the birds can really enjoy. The leaves are fresh green and it smells wonderfully sweet.


Especially if you convey or radiate pride with a bouquet of flowers? For this you go to the florist for a nice big bunch of Viburnum. That's what the flower stands for… upright of course. The Latin name comes from 'viere', which means to bend or to braid. It's just a shame that Fier and Viere have nothing to do with each other.


The Viburnums is a shrub species and also falls under the small trees. They are originally from Asia, North America, North Africa and Europe. The tropical varieties are found in South America, Indonesia and New Guinea. There are more than 230 species. An interesting fact is that in prehistoric times the Viburnum did more than just brighten up your home. The long stems were used as arrow shafts at the time. The Viburnum, for example, has already caused a lot of damage.


With the tips below you can enjoy this beautiful flower even longer!

  • Give the Viburnum a clean glass vase with clean water.
  • Add shrub cut flower food to the water for a longer shelf life.
  • Cut or snip off the stems 3-5 cm diagonally with a sharp and clean knife.
  • Regularly top up the vase with tap water.
  • Finally, don't put your Viburnum in a draft, in full sun, near the stove or next to the fruit bowl.