Delphinium - Larkspur

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Delphinium - Care Tips - Origin

Romantic lush flower plumes

This flowering cousin of the ranunculus provides weeks of enjoyment. There are no fewer than 250 different types, available in many shades of blue. You can place the romantic flower plumes loose in a vase, but just as easily give your bouquet a lavish touch.



Soft blue, bright blue, medium blue and lilac blue. With the Delphinium there is always a shade of blue for you. You can also choose from a white, yellow, purple, red and pink variant.

The flower plumes stand out enthusiastically everywhere. They look like sticks with bells that ring as you pass. The stem with flowers can be 10 to 200 cm long. The flowers have about 3 to 7 petals.

With a little imagination you can see that the buds of the flower resemble dolphins. Hence the name Delphinium: the Latin word for dolphin. The flower also has protruding parts, resembling knights' spurs. Hence the Dutch name larkspur.


To make sure nothing happens to you, buy a large bunch of Delphiniums. The often blue flower symbolizes truth and protection. It was also once thought that you could scare away scorpions with a Delphinium...

By donating such a cheerful plume of flowers you can indicate that you are completely ready to continue together. The flower represents attachment in love. Other words associated with the Delphinium's symbolism are health, pleasure, lightness, levity and a big heart. In short: a positive flower! You almost wonder why you never got her from anyone.


The Delphinium comes from French, American and English growers. So an international lady. We have enjoyed these beautiful flowers from the very beginning of our garden culture. Because the flowers have no function other than 'beautiful' (not medicinal or edible), they were not interesting for agricultural companies. In a book from the early 17th century we find the first depiction of a Delphinium. This one is accidentally under the monkshood genus.