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Stylish and bright purple colored branches with berries

Information about the Callicarpa

It almost seems as if the last remnants of summer are hiding in the small bright purple berries of the Callicarpa. It is a very pleasant surprise now that we exchange the fresh bright colors for the warm dark browns and reds! This makes the transition of the seasons much easier. Doesn't the Callicarpa mean much to you? Then think of the beautiful fruit (yes, because it is so very beautiful) or simply 'the purple berry plant'. The branches make not only your living room, but also your day a lot more beautiful. You can now enjoy a lot…



It is very easy to enjoy these beautiful beautiful berries for a long time:

  • •Always provide a clean vase and clean water with food for cutting shrubs at room temperature.
  • •Change the water every week.

Tip! Do you want the berries to darken and shrivel a bit? Then put them in a vase without water.


The Callicarpa is a fairly inconspicuous shrub plant most times of the year. Only after the leaf loss has set in in the fall do the metallic violet colored berries emerge. These striking, cheerful balls almost figuratively splash from the bare branches and twigs. It looks like fall fireworks!


The intensely warm color of the berries is so enchanting that it almost seems as if they are all painted by hand. There must also be a mysterious symbolism behind it, you would almost think. But in reality this is unfortunately not the case. Purple flowers represent dignity, preparation, seriousness and also mourning. Let's turn these purple balls into a true autumn party on the table.


Originating from Central and Western China, this shrub is particularly common in Asia, North and South America and Australia. Now the clean fruit is counted as part of the lip flower family, before the 1990s to the Verbenaceae. The genus has almost 140 different species.