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The eucalyptus is an age-old plant and known for various medicines with a positive effect on breathing. The eucalyptus is still very popular and you increasingly see the eucalyptus branch in bouquets!
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The eucalyptus is known as a plant, the favorite food of the Koala and certainly not to be forgotten as a beautiful addition to colorful bouquets.

Care of eucalyptus plant

If you are curious about how to care for the eucalyptus plant, we can reassure you! The eucalyptus is easy to care for and that is why this green-gray plant should not be missed in your garden. What is especially important in a good care of the eucalyptus is that you place it in a sunny spot.

The eucalyptus originates from Australia, so the plant can withstand heat well and therefore needs a lot of sun to grow. You can of course plant the plant in the ground, but it is also fine in a nice pot on a balcony or terrace.

If you have a sunny hall or living room, you can also place the eucalyptus indoors. The beautiful leaves immediately create a pleasant atmosphere and therefore resembles the still popular olive tree.

Can you prune the eucalyptus?

Yes, we definitely recommend this! It is important to prune the eucalyptus when it becomes (too) large. If you don't, it can grow into a tree of 3 to a maximum of 5 meters! The eucalyptus will grow less quickly in the pot and you probably won't have to prune it.

If you think the plant is getting too big, you can of course do this as desired. You can place the cut eucalyptus branches in a vase, but also use them as decoration.

Eucalyptus in vase

Especially in recent years, the eucalyptus has also become a favorite as cut greenery and that is why you see it regularly in our bouquets, such as in our seasonal bouquets, bestsellers and Christmas bouquets. This is a nice enrichment to the colorful flowers. In addition, it is also really a tip to put down a few loose eucalyptus branches in a vase. You simply cut these from your own plant or get a few branches from the local Fleurop florist and then let them dry beautifully. You can tie them together with a string and then hang them up or put them in your wardrobe for decoration.

Fun facts about the eucalyptus:

Originally the eucalyptus comes from Australia

Koalas love eucalyptus and can eat up to 1 kg of eucalyptus leaf per day!

Eucalyptus has a menthol-like odor and is used as a medicine or in the sauna for good breathing. You only have to pour some water or the leaves for this.

What types of eucalyptus are there?

There are numerous eucalyptus species available. In order not to confuse you with difficult names and explanations, the most famous eucalyptus species are explained below. Other varieties vary with sturdier stems, leaves that can have a red glow or narrower leaves.

Care tips eucalyptus in a bouquet

The eucalyptus is increasingly seen as an addition to a colorful bouquet. To enjoy your bouquet for a long time, we would like to share our tip for the eucalyptus in your bouquet. It is important that you remove the bottom leaf from the branch.

You only have to remove the leaf from the part of the stem that will be in the water. This prevents the water from turning brown quickly. If this happens, we advise you to change the water regularly.