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Pictured is the bouquet of 24 roses

Let love bloom with this beautiful bouquet of 12 or 24 roses in different red and pink shades. This simple but special combination of colors makes this bouquet unique and dazzling.

These flowers are perfect to surprise someone special. Whether for your loved one, a family member or a friend, these roses are sure to impress. The unexpected combination of shades shows that love does not always have to be traditional, but can be celebrated in all its diversity.

Each rose is carefully selected and hand-tied to ensure that only the most beautiful specimens end up in the bouquet. With their lush petals and enchanting scent, these roses will brighten up any space and create a feeling of warmth and affection.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just a special day, this bouquet is the perfect choice. Let these beautiful flowers speak for your loving feelings and show someone how much they mean to you.

Order this breathtaking bouquet of 12 or 24 beautiful roses today and impress the person who makes your heart beat faster.

Composition: a.o. Roses

Vase is optional

Would you like this bouquet in a different color?

Bouquet Pink Roses, Bouquet White Roses, Bouquet Warm Roses, Bouquet Romantic Roses.

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Flowers with warranty

Prices include VAT and exclude € 8.95 shipping and handling costs. The image shown is the medium bouquet/arrangement. Our flowers and plants are hand tied or processed and personally made by a local florist. They may therefore differ slightly from the image, in color and composition, depending on the season, fluctuating purchase prices and availability. Changes and (printing) errors reserved.
All times mentioned are Local Dutch times.

Flower Care tips

A few tips so the recipient can enjoy the flowers for a longer time.

Cut Flowers Diagonally

Cut Flowers diagonally

Then flowers can absorb water better. Also ensure that leaves don’t hang or come in the water, to prevent bacteria.

take a clean vase

Take a clean fitting vase

It gives space to the stems and prevent bacteria in the water. Do not forget to add the flower food.

Flowers don't like wind and direct heat

Not next to the heater.. the wind or next to fruit. Due wind, heat and ethylene of fruit, flowers will weaken more quickly.

Standard The bouquet will be smaller in composition than the bouquet shown in the picture.
Medium This is the format of the composition shown in the picture.
Large The bouquet will be expanded by our florist in the same color and style as the composition shown in the photo.
Remarks: “Our florists dependent on auction prices, the purchase price of flowers is increasing due to market forces. Unfortunately, this means that some bouquets and the loose roses around holidays and important flowers give days (Valentine's Day, int. Women's Day, Mother's Day, or certain circumstances)  higher in price than you are used to from us. This will also be the case with local florists ”

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