Wine, Champagne, Wodka, Beer & Whiskey

Add Wine, Whiskey, Beer, Vodka or Champagne to a bouquet of flowers for delivery in the Netherlands.

Our florist will ensure that this bottle is delivered together with the bouquet of flowers. A beautiful bottle of wine, whiskey or champagne in combination with a beautiful bouquet of flowers gives the recipient a wonderful gift.

Deliver flowers with wine.

For decades, wine has been one of the most popular gifts to give during a birthday, anniversary or, for example, as a thoughtful thank you. Its popularity is mainly due to its accessible nature. Receiving a good bottle of wine is always a pleasure!

Delivering a bottle of wine together with a bouquet of flowers as a gift or business gift is easy via Flowers.NL!.

Flowers.NL has a number of beautiful house wines in the assortment of the Italian winery Castel Firmian. Go to order wine for an overview of our wines.

Flowers delivery with Champagne.

Are you looking for a bottle of Champagne to send it together with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to friends, acquaintances, important customers, good business relations or the staff? A nice bottle of champagne will always be appreciated! The Champagne range of contains a wide and varied range of luxury champagne gifts, from the very best champagne houses. For example, the champagnes of Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon or Laurent-Perrier can easily be ordered. Supplied in an original gift box or luxury wooden box. Complete the gift by adding a personal card to order Champagne. Choose from different themes to emphasize the occasion. Think of a thank you, congratulations or to toast to a successful collaboration.

Flowers delivery with Beer.

What could be more fun than having a bouquet of flowers delivered to a real beer lover together with a beer gift package? Are you looking for an original gift for someone else, with a special beer package from Flowers.NL you are always in the right place. You order a beer gift package easily and quickly online.

Flowers delivery with Whiskey

We also have some beautiful Whiskeys in our range to be delivered with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can send flowers with a nice bottle of whiskey via With us you will not only find the nicest but also the most beautiful flowers and the most beautiful whiskeys. Did you know that all our bouquets of flowers always arrive fresh at the florist of the auction and guarantee excellent quality? We also have flowers for all kinds of different occasions. For example, pay attention to your best friend's birthday, surprise the couple who is getting married or give your parents a thank you for taking good care of them. Order whiskey.

Flowers delivery with Vodka

It is of course also possible to have a beautiful bottle of vodka delivered together with a bouquet of flowers, we have made a selection from the most popular vodka types. As a thank you for a friend. You can of course also send it for any other occasion such as a congratulations or as a real gift. Ordering vodka with flowers is easy and fast at Flowers.NL