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Would you like to have a Bottle of Whiskey delivered to the recipient with a beautiful bouquet? View our collection of popular Whiskeys

We also have some beautiful Whiskeys in our range to be delivered with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can send flowers with a nice bottle of whiskey via With us you will not only find the nicest, but also the most beautiful flowers and the most beautiful whiskeys.

View our collection of the most popular Whiskeys


Order whiskey with Flowers

Are you looking for a bottle of Whiskey to have it delivered together with a bouquet of flowers? We have made a selection of the most popular Whiskey varieties.

Flowers delivered with bottle Whiskey

From mild to strong and from Scottish to American. Think of whiskey brands such as Jack Daniels, Four Roses, Glen Livit, or Lagavulin. Definitely nice as a gift with a bouquet of flowers! Ordering whiskey is very easy online.

Send whiskey with flowers.

From our central warehouse we send the bottle of whiskey to our florist by courier. The florist ensures that the Bottle of Whiskey is delivered to the recipient together with the bouquet of flowers you have selected.

Note: If you order the Whiskey in time, (2-3 days in advance) we can usually deliver all products together. If you order later or in the event of unforeseen logistical circumstances, products may be delivered separately and at a later time.

Did you know that all our bouquets of flowers always arrive fresh at the auction florist and guarantee excellent quality? We have flowers for all kinds of different occasions. For example, pay attention to your best friend's birthday, surprise the couple who are getting married or send a thank you to your parents for taking such good care of them. Order whiskey.

The History of Whiskey

The art of distillation was discovered by the Arabs well before our era. In the Middle Ages, itinerant monks introduced this distillation technique to Ireland and Scotland. They set to work with this and soon the Irish and Scots distilled a powerful and tasty drink from barley: whisky.

The history of whiskey actually starts long before the beginning of our era. The Arabs thus urged the European to experiment with this through the art of distillation. The Arabs used this process and distilled perfumed water from flowers and called this distillate al-koh'l, the refined. So at the beginning of the Middle Ages, itinerant monks brought this knowledge of distilling to Ireland. The Irish distilled barley into a drink to which they attributed medicinal powers, and called it aqua vitae. In Celtic this "water of life" was called uisge beatha. It was not until the British conquered Ireland that this name was corrupted from fuisce to Whiskey.

It was also probably the Irish missionaries who in turn introduced this distillation technique to their Scottish colleagues. It can be said with certainty that whiskey has been produced in Scotland since 1494. The distilling of whiskey became so popular in Scotland, even in the most inhospitable areas of Scotland. Whiskey was mainly produced there for markets in Scotland, Ireland, England and other parts of the British Empire. It wasn't until the 19th century that Irish settlers brought their knowledge of whiskey to the United States of America. And whiskey is still spelled the Irish way there, so as whiskey instead of whisky. Nowadays there are also very good whiskeys from other countries such as New Zealand and Japan.