Send Flowers with Beers

There is nothing more fun than having a bouquet of flowers and a beer package delivered to a real beer lover.

Order beer package as a gift

What could be more fun than having a bouquet of flowers and a beer package delivered to a real beer lover? Are you looking for an original gift for someone else, with a special beer package from Flowers.NL you are always in the right place. You can easily order a beer package online.


Beer and Flowers for every moment.

You have beers that you pick up at random and you have beers that make you dwell on the moment. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or on the terrace: specialty beer takes every moment to a higher level. Now of course we already know that there are many types of specialty beer

Origin of the beer

Presumably as early as 6500 BC, a form of beer was drunk in Mesopotamia. This makes beer one of the oldest drinks in human history. The oldest written recipe that archaeologists have found is the beer recipe! In the Middle Ages, beer became the everyday drink for the common people. It was even safer than water. Beer became even more popular during the industrial revolution; then it became possible to brew beer on an even larger scale. Today, beer is the most consumed drink in the world.

Order specialty beer

If you know someone who is very fond of specialty beers and you want to surprise that person, we are happy to help you with that. In addition to flowers, you can also order various types of specialty beer from us. These will then be delivered by our florist together with the Beer Package you have chosen. Specialty beer is often beer with an extra taste and this, together with one of our beautiful bouquets, makes this beer so special! Let's face it: a nice beer package together with a beautiful bouquet is a great gift, isn't it? Our specialists have selected a number of very special beers for you and have included them in our range. We leave it entirely up to you what you think is the most suitable beer for the recipient. Let us arrange the beautiful packaging and delivery.

Gift and deliver beer

With us you will find the tastiest specialty beers in special packaging, there is a choice of many different brands. With this you also know for sure that you have a nice gift to surprise someone with a bouquet of flowers! Due to the original packaging and extra tasty taste, specialty beer is a nice gift to give and to receive and together with a bouquet of flowers this makes the perfect gift. Whether this is for a birthday or a farewell, when someone has a new home or as a gift to just thank someone. You can give a specialty beer at any time and certainly to the real beer lover! If you are already a lover of specialty beers, then you know better than anyone which one you want delivered. That is why you can buy different types of specialty beer from us. After all, tastes differ.

Send beer together with flowers.

From our central warehouse we send the bottle and beer package by courier to our florist. The florist ensures that the beer package is delivered to the recipient together with the bouquet of flowers you have selected.

Note: If you order the beer package in time (2-3 days in advance), we can usually deliver all products together. If you order later or in the event of unforeseen logistical circumstances, products may be delivered separately and at a later time.