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Flowers.NL has a small range of vodka with a number of different brands and types. Choose your vodka based on the brand, type or price range to have it delivered together with a bouquet of flowers of your choice. Chances are your favorite vodka is included in our range. I  your desired brand not listed? Call or email our customer service.

Clusius Tulip Vodka 70cl

Clusius Craft Distillers is a Dutch craft distillery named after Carolus Clusius, the world famous Flemish-Dutch botanist (1526 - 1609)

Belvedere vodka 70cl

This smooth Belvedere vodka is made from the best rye from Poland.

Absolut Vodka 100cl

Every drop of Absolut Vodka comes from Åhus, in southern Sweden. The product is made from the best winter wheat and water from its own well.

Smirnoff no. 21 wodka 300CL

Smirnoff no. 21 vodka 300CL is the number one in the world ranking of premium drinks. The Russian company Smirnoff has a long history in the production of vodka.

Grey Goose premium Vodka

The premium vodka Gray Goose is made in the famous Cognac region in western France. The long experience, knowledge of Cognac from the area and the special vision of making vodka, lead to an excellent vodka.

Cîroc vodka 70cl

The production of this Cîroc vodka uses special processes that are used almost exclusively by producers of top wines. This preserves the unique freshness of the vodka and further expresses its fruity character.

More about Vodka of Wodka

Vodka, or vodka, is a distillate that has been extremely popular for years, making the range very extensive and different. The drink probably comes from Eastern Europe and was traditionally consumed pure. Nowadays this drink is enjoyed in different ways: neat, in the mix or as part of a cocktail, it is all possible. In addition, there are now many tasty variants available with a fruity or spicy character, so that the range of flavors is a lot wider. Vodka is produced from different grains, such as wheat, barley and rye. Nowadays, vodka based on potato and quinoa can also be found. As a result, there is a good chance that there is always a bottle that matches your taste.