Vodka, Order & Send

Let someone enjoy the perfect combination of delicious Vodka and beautiful flowers.

We understand that giving a gift should be special. That is why we offer a unique combination of Vodka and flowers, perfectly composed to surprise the recipient. Our products are of high quality and are assembled and delivered with care. Our service makes it easy to leave a lasting impression.

Order and Send Vodka and Flowers

Flowers.NL has a small range of vodka with a number of different brands and types. Choose your vodka based on the brand, type or price range to have it delivered together with a bouquet of flowers of your choice.

More about Vodka of Wodka

Vodka, or vodka, is a distillate that has been extremely popular for years, making the range very extensive and different. The drink probably comes from Eastern Europe and was traditionally consumed pure. Nowadays this drink is enjoyed in different ways: neat, in the mix or as part of a cocktail, it is all possible. In addition, there are now many tasty variants available with a fruity or spicy character, so that the range of flavors is a lot wider. Vodka is produced from different grains, such as wheat, barley and rye. Nowadays, vodka based on potato and quinoa can also be found. As a result, there is a good chance that there is always a bottle that matches your taste.

Send vodka together with flowers.

From our central warehouse we send the bottle of Vodka by courier to our florist. The florist ensures that the bottle of vodka is delivered to the recipient together with the bouquet of flowers you have selected.

Note: If you order the bottle of Vodka in time (2-3 days in advance), we can usually deliver all products together. If you order later or in the event of unforeseen logistical circumstances, products may be delivered separately and at a later time.