All about roses and there care.

How to handle roses

We thought it would be a good idea to write a post about some of the myths that exist about rose care.

In most countries people are used to seeing roses like this, stripped of their outer petals; uniform and homogeneous.

Somewhere down the line, people started equating this with the freshness of the roses, and so flower stores outside the Netherlands are still selling you half a rose.

What you’re missing when you buy roses like this are something called guard petals, the outer, more dense and textural petals that help to protect and preserve the inner more delicate layers of the rose.

Guard petals are beautiful; they add zest and energy to the rose, not to mention their role in sustaining its shelf-life.

We as a Florist are all for guard petals, and hope to integrate them back into people’s idea of what a rose should look like.

Roses have over 13,500 species, all of them varying in color, texture, shape, and density.

Indicators of freshness also vary, but interestingly, keeping flowers fresh is NOT helped by the removal of guard petals!

As recent studies

have shown, leaving the guard petals on in fact helps keep the rose fresh longer.

Aside from keeping the rose lasting longer, it just looks SO much better.

This is the way nature intended how a rose should be, and we don’t like to mess with Mother Nature!


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