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Send someone you love some gorgeous pink roses today.

Whether you want to say "get well soon", "Happy Valentine's Day", "Happy Mother's Day" or just being "Romantic", pink roses are a symbol of elegance and suitable for many occasions. Read more information about Pink roses...
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Collection Pink roses.

On our website we offer a beautiful selection of pink roses for all kinds of occasions. Whether it's a birthday, an engagement, a funeral, or just as a gift, we always have the perfect pink roses for you.

Our pink roses are available in different sizes and flower types, from simple cut roses to luxurious bouquets and funeral arrangements. We only select the best flowers of the highest quality, so that you are assured of a beautiful product.

In our collection of pink roses you can choose from:

Our customer service is always ready to help you make the right choice and to process your order quickly and efficiently. We offer same day or next day delivery subject to availability. Our flowers are available all over the country.

  • There are many different varieties of pink roses available. Some of the most popular include:
  • The classic "Pink Rose" which ranges from a pale pink to a deep, dark pink and symbolizes elegance, gratitude and joy.
  • The "Sweet Pink Rose" which is a soft pink shade and symbolizes grace, gentleness and joy.
  • The "Hot Pink Rose" which is a bright, vibrant pink and symbolizes appreciation, excitement and appreciation.
  • The "Blushing Pink Rose" which is a pale pink shade and symbolizes shyness, humility and gratitude.
  • The "Peachy Pink Rose" which is a light pink shade with a peachy undertone and symbolizes gratitude and appreciation.
  • The "Light Pink Rose" which is a soft pale pink shade and symbolizes grace, elegance, and admiration.
  • The "Dark Pink Rose" which is a deep pink shade and symbolizes appreciation, gratitude, and recognition.
We hope that you can make a suitable choice from our collection of pink roses and we hope to welcome you as a customer. If you have any questions, you can always contact us via WhatsApp or by telephone.

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Pink Roses are Conveying thoughtfulness, Sentimental, passion and are contemporary.Pink roses are also the perfect type of rose for multipurpose occasions. Whether you’re sending thanks, or just cheering up a friend, or when starting a new relationship, or showing a symbol of affection or admiration, a bouquet of pink roses will express just the right emotion, without saying a word. Send for example roses in a Rosebox.

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No wonder that pink roses are one of the most send color ofroses on Valentine’s Day! Yet, did you know every shade of a pink rose has different meanings? In honor of Valentine’s Day and this blushing beauty, we’re bringing back the pink rose to explore its rich history and color meanings so you ultimately give just the right pink rose shade. Pink roses can also be nicely combined with other rose colors such as red roses, white roses or mixed roses.

Care tips for pink roses

When you receive or give Pink roses, you want to enjoy them as long as possible. We therefore give you a few care tips, especially for your bouquet of Pink roses:

  • Make sure that the stem of the Pink roses is always cut at an angle immediately upon receipt put them in water. Otherwise there is a chance that the Pink roses will 'hang'.
  • Put the Pink roses in a glass vase. The stems get enough day light and there is less chance of bacteria in the vase.
  • Pink roses are happiest and last longest when they are in a place where direct/bright sunlight cannot reach, even later in the day. Like other flowers, the Pink roses wilt faster if they are near a fruit bowl, so make sure there is no fruit nearby.
  • Extra tip: Regularly cut the Pink roses diagonally again, this way you can enjoy your bunch of Pink roses even longer. Then also change the water. They like that too!

Our florists also depend on auction prices for pink roses, the purchasing price of pink roses rises due to market forces. Unfortunately, this means that some bouquets and the pink roses around Valentine's Day, Mothers day or Christmas are slightly higher in price than you are used to from us. You will also experience this at a local flower-shop.