When will my valentinesday order be delivered?

What time - Valentijnsdag

Dear Customer,

Happy valentines day to you,


We understand that you would like to know what time your order will be delivered today

However, our florists and their delivery staff have today more than 10 times the order amount than what they normally need to process in one day.


Of course they have deployed additional people for this, however it is impossible for them and for us, to indicate exactly when an order will be delivered. Especial with the Current freezing weather less orders can be taken in the route for delivery. 

Please understand that making a call with the receiver in advance of the order delivery is not possible due to the high order volume.


As stated  on your order confirmation and our website, we cannot guarantee delivery times today. and It is possible that your order is delivered later than desired delivery moment.


For other questions we would like to refer you to our website with the most frequently asked questions.

And here you can learn more in about the meaning of the order status

With kind regards


Salesteam Flowers.nl