When will my Valentines day flower order be delivered?

What time do you deliver on Valentine's Day?

My order has not yet been delivered, is this correct?

What time will my order arrive?

Why does the delivery take so long?

Dear customer,

Happy Valentine's Day to you,

We understand that you would like to know what time your order will be delivered on Valentine's Day.

Our florists and their deliverers have to process more than 10 times the order quantity on this day than they normally have to process in one day. Extra people will of course be deployed, however, you will understand that it's therefore impossible for them and for us to indicate at what time an order will be delivered.

As stated on your order confirmation and our website, we cannot guarantee delivery times. It is also possible that your order will be delivered later in the day or in the evening.

We also ask for your understanding for the following: It is not possible to call the recipient to coordinate the delivery time. If the recipient is not at home, the normal procedure applies, which means that the driver will try to leave the order with one of the neighbors or if that fails, take it back to the store. In both cases, a note is always left in the recipient's mailbox.

As soon as the order is ready for collection by the delivery person, you will receive a status update from us by e-mail. And when the flowers have been delivered, you will also receive a new status update from us.

For other questions, please refer to our webpage with the most frequently asked questions.

Yours sincerely

Sales team Flowers.nl