Janzen Special moments - Earth 46 - Gift-set.

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Janzen Special moments - Earth 46 - Giftset
A place of harmony & nature

Discover a serene and lush courtyard where you can indulge in unforgettable moments of relaxation with the Janzen Special moments - Earth 46 - Giftset. Enjoy the soothing sensation, which will make you feel completely connected to nature and provide a sense of well-being. The Janzen Special moments - Earth 46 - Giftset is the perfect present along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a friend or family member, or simply to treat yourself!

A gift set with seven products

This gift pack offers pure indulgence and luxury, with seven sensational body products that transform every moment in the bathroom into a complete wellness experience. With this gift set you can relax optimally!

Earth 46, a perfume with a unique character. It has a spicy, warm, rich and leathery scent, with a hint of sweetness. This striking scent brings together all the elements: earth, water, fire and air. It is a spectacular and stimulating experience.

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This package cannot be selected for same day delivery.


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