Home Spa The Lagoon Leilani + Flowers

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Order this Home Spa The Lagoon Leilani + Flowers Gift set for delivery in the Netherlands

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Discover the ultimate opulence with the Home Spa The Lagoon Leilani + Bouquet of Pink Splendor!

Pamper your senses and transform your daily routine into a lavish retreat with the Douglas Home Spa The Lagoon Leilani set, complemented by the enchanting Bouquet of Pink Splendor. This exclusive combination promises a harmony of luxurious indulgence for both body and mind.

Bouquet of Pink Splendor:

Bring the natural beauty of pink flowers into your living space with the Pink Splendor Bouquet. Each carefully chosen petal contributes to a visual feast of color and elegance. The subtle scent of the bouquet adds a touch of freshness to any room.

Together, The Lagoon Leilani set and the Pink Splendor Bouquet create an experience of pure indulgence for your senses. Treat yourself to this sumptuous combination or give it as a thoughtful gift. Transform your daily routine into an oasis of luxury with the Douglas Home Spa The Lagoon Leilani + Bouquet of Pink Splendor


If you order before 18:00 (Dutch time), the giftset can in most cases be delivered the next working day (Mon-Sat) together with the additional bouquet.
So order this package in time.


This package cannot be selected for same day delivery.
Please take into account 1-3 days lead time due to parcel delivery by DHL


If you order after 18:00 (Dutch time) or if there are unforeseen logistical circumstances, products will be delivered separately and at a later time.
No deliveries possible on Sundays and public holidays

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Prices are inclusive of VAT and excluded € 8.95 delivery and handling costs. The shown example of the bouquet/arrangement is the medium size. Flowers are a natural product, the bouquets delivered may vary in color and composition due to seasonal and availability influences. Subject to changes and (printing) errors. All times mentioned are Local Dutch times.

This package cannot be selected for same day delivery.


Delivery by DHL.

Please allow 1-3 days for delivery due to: the parcel delivery by DHL. Our Cosmetics products are usually shipped from the central warehouse of our logistics partner with DHL to the local florist. However, in the event of short lead times or unforeseen logistical challenges, they may be shipped directly to the recipient.


Combined delivery.

If this package is ordered in combination with flowers, we try to deliver them together. Due to unforeseen logistical circumstances, it can sometimes happen that these orders are delivered separately.